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The Gym Tour is our “No-Sweat” consultation to discuss your programming, show you the gym, and answer any questions you may have about Sand and Steel Fitness.  We will go over your New Client Intake Form and provide you with our recommendations for personal training and/or fitness classes.

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New Client Consultation

Our gym tour is designed to familiarize you with the Sand & Steel training environment.  We have found that seeing the gym and having and opportunity to discuss your client intake before your first session helps reduce anxiety and provides for an improved new member experience.

What Happens in the Gym Tour?

We go over your new client intake form, and explain how we will build a personal training program relevant to your goals.  We discuss the prices and services that are relevant to you, and go over  the membership agreement with you.

How Long is the Gym Tour?

For personal training clients, it’s 45 minutes long.  Group Fitness and Open Gym members it’s 30 minutes long.

What is the Express Gym Tour?

For new members that have pre-purchased a membership and installed their apps, we have an express gym tour option.  This gym tour is only 20 minutes long and it’s focused primarily on designing your personal training plan.

What if I am Just Trying a Free Class?

You don’t need a gym four for a free class.  If you liked the class, book a gym tour afterwards.

What Do I Need to Bring?

You need your smartphone, your Apple store or Google play store password (to install the apps), and your credit card.  All of our prices are online, there are no hidden prices, and no special deals, etc.  We encourage you to look over our prices before your gym tour, so you know which packages to ask us about.