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Booking Policy:

We limit all members to booking once class per day. This rule applies whether you have our CrossFit 12 or our Unlimited membership. With Unlimited you can come as many days per month as you want, but you are still limited to coming once per day. For safety reasons we recommend a three days on, one day off training sequence.

Booking a Second Class:

There may be a fee to book a second class on the same day depending on your membership and the class. If there is, we will let you know how much it will cost before reserving it for you.

Why this Policy:

More people reduces quality. The more people in the class, the less time each coach has with every person.  A larger class is more difficult to manage safely. 

Larger classes increases Dawn and Paul's management time. Dawn and Paul put in significantly more time preparing coaches for classes that have more than ten people.

Increases transmission rates.  Bigger classes increase transmissibility rates of COVID-19, Flu, and other contagions, because people will be packed closer together.

Disrupts Flow. Taking two classes per day disrupts the flow of the class to others.  People who take a second class don't participate in the warmup properly because they are already warmed up.  They also coast through the first or second workout because they are doing twice as much work.

Against CrossFit Design. CrossFit is not designed for doing two workouts back to back.  The hallmark of CrossFit is high intensity short workouts.  If you are feeling like you need to do two workouts, you are not putting in the intensity into the first workout.

Overtraining injuries.  Even professional CrossFit athletes do not do two workouts back to back.  They might workout twice a day, but they space out their workouts throughout the day.  Even CrossFit competitions are time capped under 30 minutes and spaced.  You do not need to train harder than a professional CrossFit athlete.

More is not better.  CrossFit HQ publishes a tremendous amount of materials to it's affiliates.  They have researched programming information like how many classes per day, how long the classes should be, how long the warmups should be.  The research unequivocally supports taking one class for one-hour per day.

Two classes raises our costs.  Maintaining our low prices is important to us, and we know it's important to you.  Every time a member books a second class, it raises our operating costs (staff costs, cleaning costs, and supplies costs, etc.)  If we allow certain members to book more than one class, we need to allow everyone to do so.  Allowing everyone to do that will significantly raise our costs and thus your prices.

Notable Exceptions:

Of course, this rationale for this policy doesn't apply to certain combinations of classes. For example, taking a personal training session and nutrition session on the same day. Or, taking a CrossFit Class and an Open Gym Session. So if you'd like to take two classes on the same day, just submit this form. We'll let you know if there are any additional fees involved before booking or charging you for the second class.

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There may be a fee to book a second class on the same day depending on your membership and the class. If there is, we'll let you know how much it will cost before reserving it for you.
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