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We use a number of iPhone and Google Android Apps at Sand and Steel to provide you with an enhanced training experience.  Our apps provide you with increased access to services at Sand & Steel.  They also allow you to customize your training programs, and provide you feedback on your progress.

The Apps at Sand and Steel

We use a number of different software packages to help you improve your fitness.  You’ll want to install at least the required Apps before your gym tour.

Required Apps All Members:

Zen Planner: iPhone | Android | Webused to check-in, schedule, buy, and cancel sessions.
Kisi: iPhone | Android | Web – used to unlock the front door.  Register first on the web, before trying to sign into the app.
Sugar WOD: iPhone | Android | Web– view workouts, log workouts, check personal records, view workout history.

Required Nutrition Apps:

My Fitness Pal: iPhone | Android | Web – Required for Nutrition Members.

Recommended Heart Rate Monitors:

Heart Rate Monitors (HRM): Skortch Rhythm | Wahoo Tickr Fit – Connects to Cardio Equipment and Good For All Classes

FitIV Pulse: iPhone | Android | Web – Best app for tracking calories and heart rate.  Compatible with the above Heart Rate Monitors (HRM)

The SugarWOD App

If you are a private training client, we’ll create a private training track for you on SugarWOD.  If you are class member, you can view the classworkouts on SugarWOD.

SugarWOD Tutorial

Please review this short tutorial video for a demo on using SugarWOD at Sand and Steel

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