What is Sand and Steel Fitness?

Sand & Steel Fitness is different for different people. For some, it is a place to start their journey to better health. For others, it is a place to hone their talents in yoga, weightlifting, and CrossFit. It is a place to heal, and a place to grow as an athlete. For everyone, it is a safe community, where we work together to learn, forge friendships, and push each to improve.

Sand & Steel is a strength, weight loss, and mobility gym. We provide Personal Training, Fitness Classes & Open Gym. We have ample parking, air conditioning, and showers. Classes include CrossFit, Kinstretch, Powerlifting, & More. Open Gym is designed for Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, & CrossFit. For COVID-19 Safety, we have Bi-Polar Ionization Fans, HEPA Filters, & all members and employees wear masks at all times.

Whatever Your Level. From Beginner to Expert. We have you covered. Personal training is infinitely customized to you. Fitness Class instructors provide 4 levels with independent modifications. Everyone moves differently, come to a gym that meets you where you are.

Personal Training: we build out custom training programs for Strength, Seniors, Weight Loss, fitness tests (ACFT), Boxing, Yoga, and Mobility.

Classes: We offer Nine Different Classes: Beginner CrossFit, CoreFit TRX & Kettlebell, CrossFit Class, Strong Powerlifting, Butts & Guts, FireFlow Yoga, Recovery Clinic, and Yoga Alignment 88 (coming soon). Four of these classes are now available in an Online Format as well.

Open Gym provides you with a full suite of CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Olympic lifting equipment.  Our gym has ample onsite parking, air conditioning, showers, towel service, and filtered water.  In our gym, you’ll find cardio equipment like the Woodway 4Front treadmill, Rogue Fitness Echo Bikes, and Concept 2 Rowers. We have GHDs, Reverse Hypers, cable machines, and a full complement of Iron Mind Grip Strength tools. We have TRX Training Zone, Bosus, and all makes and models of Mobility Gear. For serious Olympic lifters and Powerlifters, we have specialty barbells like Safety Bars, Duffalo Bars, Olympic Bars, and Power Bars.

COVID-19: When it comes to COVID-19 Safety, we have a comprehensive 7-Step COVID-19 Safety Plan (featured in Yahoo Finance and Market Watch). We have Bi-Polar Ionization Fans, HEPA Filters, foggers, floor sprayers, and air quality sensors. As of October 2020, all members and employees wear masks at all times.

But at our very core, we are a small business. Dawn and Paul are the original owners of Sand and Steel Fitness Gym and they work with our members each and every day. We are joined by an amazing team of Personal Trainers, CrossFit coaches and Yoga Teachers.

Sand and Steel Fitness in 25 Words

We are strength, weight loss, and mobility gym. We provide Open Gym, Fitness Classes, and Personal Training with ample parking, towel service, air conditioning, and showers.

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