What is Sand and Steel Fitness?

We are Virginia’s premier CrossFit and Powerlifting gym.  

Personal Training, CrossFit, Mobility, Nutrition and More

Beginner-friendly: Yes, we are a safe starting place if you are completely out of shape. Yes, you are welcome even if you are 100 pounds overweight. Yes, we have a full-featured CrossFit foundations program that will help you get in shape quickly and safely.

Special Populations are our Specialty.  We have specially designed programs for seniors, military, multiple sclerosis, etc. Every day we work with people having disc injuries, knee repairs, and shoulder issues. You get one body in this world, and we will help you make the most of what you got.

Getting Started with Personal Training.  Our personal training system handles the assessments, the planning, the nutrition, and the mobility training. We determine which exercises you should, how you should eat, even the weigh-ins, and goal setting. We will teach you how to lift safely and build a foundation to get strong.

Beginner & Advanced Level Classes.  We offer CrossFit Classes every day plus several specialty classes like FireFlow, Beyond Stretch, and Butts & Guts.

Special Events & Community.  Sand & Steel is a welcoming, all-inclusive community. We have nine special events a year like our Halloween WOD, Pride Throwdown, and the Iron Star Games. 

At Our Very Core, We are a Small Business.  Dawn and Paul are the original owners of Sand and Steel Fitness Gym, and they work with our members each and every day. We are joined by a fantastic team of Personal Trainers, CrossFit coaches, and Yoga Teachers.

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