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10 Comp Sessions

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Paul has 10 Comp Sessions to hand out and current clients are eligible (one per customer, first come first serve.) Comp sessions are trainer specific and expire in two weeks, so claim yours today.

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CoreFit Unleashed and Commit and Conquer. Contact us to join the First Test Group Starting July 1.

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Recent Workouts

Personal Training Hypertrophy Workout Program Getting-Diesel WOD 820 – Walk the Plank Warmup: 3 x 5 Walk-outs; 3 x 15 Glute Bridges 4 Rounds - 2 minutes/round 1a) 20-30 second Plank Hold 1b) 12 Squats with empty Suitcase or pillow held up -Rest 90secs 4 rounds - 4 minutes/round 2a) 10 Incline Push ups with 20 Mountain climbers 2b) 12 (each leg) Split squats -Rest 90secs- 4 rounds - 3 minutes/round 3a) 20 Bicycle Crunches 3b) 10 Safe Burpees Complete 4 rounds of the following - 3 minute time limit/round I) 1a) 12 Dumbbell Squat (20lb-30)lb 1b) Dumbbell Good Morning 4x 12(15lb-25lb) -Side Skater 60sec- -Rest 30secs-II) 2a) Dumbbell Floor Press 4x 12 (10lb-20lb) 2b) Plank Wrist Taps 4x 20 -Side skater 60secs--Rest 30sec-III) Complete 4 rounds of the following - 3 minute time limit 3a) Weighted Split Squat 4x 10 Each leg (5lb-15lb) 3b) Russian Twists with Dumbbell or medicine ball 4 x20 WOD 501 - Pull It Like Garmon By Rachel Burgenor Warm-up 8 Rounds for time 200 M Row 20 Abmat Situps 5 x 60% Bodyweight Hang Clean Chest and Back Stretches Complete the 21reps-15reps-9reps as fast as possible and post your time. This isn’t a true powerlifting workout in that it doesn’t use the barbell deadlift or barbell squat. However, use of the Machine Leg Press generates a similar work interval. If you like this workout, give our Westside, 5/3/1, or Glute PowerLifting Program a chance. 5 Rounds: 5:00 to complete each round including rest. 20 Dumbbell Good Morning 25# 20 Dumbbell Leg Deadlift 40# 10 Dual Dumbbell Stiff Leg Bent Over Row #25 4 Rounds: 20 sec per round – maintain plank until round completion. Rest is 30 seconds/ round Plank Mtn Climbers Plank Chest Taps 3 Rounds: 2 Minutes of Slow: Plank Knee 2 Chest Plank Hip Abduction Analysis: This powerful core complex takes advantage of minimal equipment and time under tension principles to product a tough hamstring and core workout that requires minimal movement expe Workout-500----Pole-Position