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We are the Functional Strength Training Gym in Northern Virginia

Maces, Kettles, Rings, Ski-erg, spinning bike, Rogue Squat Rack, Bumper Plates, Vipr’s, Surges, Pull-up Bars, Campus Board, dynamax balls, and more.

These are our tools, and we’ll teach you how to use them, as we help you sculpt your new physique.


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Origin Nutrition Meal Plan

Origin Nutrition Meal Plan

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The XT60 is our state-of-the-art personal training program.  We start with a full InBody scan of your body composition, including segmental body fat, muscle segmentation, visceral fat, metabolic rate, and chronic inflammation. Next we’ll perform our custom two day Functional Movement Screen to determine your strengths and weaknesses.  Armed with that knowledge and an interview about your goals and current diet, we build you a custom 60 day workout plan.

Sand & Steel is a Fitness & Nutrition focused gym.  Origin Sports Nutrition provides the area’s leading compliance system for weight loss and lowering body fat.  We provide you recipes with the leading nutrition science to help you improve your diet.  Our nutrition is programmed based on the food you want to eat.  We make healthy substitutions, adjust ratios and timing, and otherwise remove the barriers stopping your body from building muscle and burning fat.

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