Personal Trainers in Old Town Alexandria, VA Instill Confidence in Your Box Jumps

Our Old Town Alexandria, VA personal trainers are able to help with the overall improvement of your WOD or with mini goals such as overcoming the fear of box jumps. After crashing into a box while attempting to jump on top of it, box jumps can be intimidating to try again. Personal trainers can give you back the confidence you need to complete a WOD that includes box jumps.

Start Small

If you don’t feel comfortable starting with the standard 20″ box jump then don’t. There is nothing wrong with working your way up to it. Start with a 12” until you are completely comfortable. Then move up to the 16” and then the 20”. Always challenge yourself but take it at a slow pace if needed. A personal trainer can help with this process by words of encouragement and by holding your hand. Over the time period of a few jumps your trainer will hold your hand less and less until you are jumping all on your own.

Visualize the Landing

Focusing on your feet hitting the top of the box is very important. Stare at the box and visualize landing in the center. Our Old Town personal trainers will help you gradually work your way up to only looking at the box peripherally while honing in on your box jump landing skills.

Personal Trainers Help You Keep Working at It

Even after you feel you have conquered the box jump, continue practicing them during your warm up if they aren’t in your personal trainer’s WOD on a regular basis. Shoot for twice a week. Don’t let fatigue push you back into the corner with fear. Falling and injury are inevitable. If you fall while attempting a box jump immediately do it again. Postponing it may increase the possibility of the fear returning.

Box jumps are just one aspect of how our personal trainers can assist you in fulfilling your fitness goals.  Old Town Alexandria, VA’s Sand & Steel Fitness is focused on your fitness abilities. We would love the chance to help improve your life.


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