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  • CrossFit Classes

    Bring a Friend Fridays

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    Hook your friend up with a free CrossFit Class on Fridays.

  • Festivus CrossFIt Competition

    Festivus CrossFit Competition

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    Registration Deadline is March 15, 2023.

    $15.00 Deposit
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  • Pauls-90-Day-Transformation-Front-Opt Sale!

    Weight Loss Challenge 2023 Fall

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    The Challenge: Lose as much body fat and gain as much muscle as you can in 90 days.

    The Winner: The winner takes home $250 in cash or $325 in store credit.

    The Plan: Four WLC Nutrition Sessions, InBody Scans, Sunday Check-ins, and the best community to support you. $250 is some nice bonus motivation too.

    From: $65.00$45.00
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