Sand & Steel is a small business owned by two people.  We support six coaches.  The coronavirus has decimated our financial stability.  So if you have the financial means to donate to help us keep our doors open, please do.

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More Safety: We will be implementing massive improvements to the health and safety of the gym.  We already know that our gym is safer and cleaner than pretty much any gym in Virginia.  We have technology like:

  • A Clean Air Ionization Fan that destroys COVID-19 Virus Particles in the Air,
  • Upgraded filters to highest cleaning filters available (Merv-13),
  • Air Quality Sensors that you can see and interact with,
  • UV phone Cleaners, and much more.

Please Help Us Pay For it: The government does not subsidize or assist in any way with buying this very expensive equipment. We pay for it directly from the proceeds we make from Sand and Steel.

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