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Suggested Amount: $50.00

Sand & Steel is a small business owned by two people.  We support six coaches.  The coronavirus has decimated our financial stability.  So if you have the financial means to donate to help us keep our doors open, please do.

Please Support Sand and Steel

Dear Members, we come to you with a request for support. We can’t overstate the financial impact the COVID-19 is having on Sand and Steel.  Our personal training and classes are the only source of income for us. We are forced to put our membership on HOLD, which basically cuts off all of revenue.  COVID-19 has placed terrible finance distress on our small business.  It has disrupted the financial of welfare of our coaches.  CVOID-19 has put the solvency of entire business in jeopardy.  Many of our expenses are fixed costs (equipment loans, rent, taxes, software memberships), and we have to pay those costs eventhough we are completely closed.  So please donate if you can.

Your donations support two coaches and a small business whose foundation revolves around helping people be more healthy.  Two people have dedicated their lives to supporting their community and providing their time and energy into improving the health and fitness of Alexandria, Fairfax, and Arlington neighbors.

You Decide if It’s a Donation or Prepayment

We understand not everyone has the money to donate.  So if you’d rather prepay a membership that’s great too.  Your payment will be placed into an account credit.  The credits do not expire.

Checkout Instructions

When you checkout you’ll find an “additional instructions” field.  Just let us know whether we should consider your payment a donation or a prepayment.  If you forget to specify, we’ll followup with an email.

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