Workout Sneak Preview September 28

Workout Overview for the Week.  Take a look at your class programming for the week of September 28, 2020.  New Class Times Start Today!


Monday’s Strong features two classic Olympic lifting exercises.  We’ll be the front squat for one rep max.  Those still working on their shoulder mobility, can do the kettlebell front squat.  Be sure to check out our Beyond Stretch class which includes various Mobs for the front rack position.

Tuesday’s CrossFit workout the Twins ☠️☠️- I am especially proud of this WOD.  Simple, but sinister, it combines one of the most metabolically demanding CrossFit Exercises with one of the most difficult TRX Suspension Training Exercises.  Featuring a Max Reps programming scheme, it’s a WOD not to be missed.  Beginner’s fear not, we’ll have plenty of beginner progressions available.

Wednesday we do the Chief which is a CrossFit workout.  But it’s very an Olympic lifting focused workout since the power clean is the tough exercise.  It uses a programming technique called AMRAP repeats.  It’s an awesome workout, definitely don’t miss this one.

Saturday Beyond Stretch is all about improving shoulder mobility and upper back mobility.

Saturday CrossFit brings in the Bar Muscle and Ring Muscle-up.  We’ll be going over various scaling and training techniques that you can use to improve your bar muscle-up.  Even if you are still working on pull-up this class will be helpful for you.  If it’s sold out, just join the waitlist since we’ll be able to take six people.

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