Jenn Morrow Powerlifting

Having gone to college for an education in Japanese language and culture, I never thought I
would end up in the fitness industry, but here I am! In 2016 after moving back from abroad I
found a true passion and career in a long time hobby: weightlifting. I went to school for personal
training, then massage therapy. While I was doing that, I met some amazing and smart people in
the field of neurology and body therapy. When I finished the licensing process for massage I
went on to study neurology with them and understand how the body interprets pain, injury, and
the outside world. Somewhere along the way I fell into powerlifting. I love that it is a sport
where you know your absolute limit, and then learn to push that limit. It allows me to combine
my sports knowledge and neuro-knowledge to be active and pain-free. Not to mention that it is
very empowering to know that you can deadlift just about every person you meet. My goal for
you is that you leave a little less stressed, and a lot more confident.

Jen’s Personal Training Certifications

  1. NPTI National Personal Training Institute: Kettlebell Certification, Nutrition Certification
  2. LMT Licensed Massage Therapist
  3. P-DTR Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex
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