Powerlifting Strength Calculator

How strong are you really?  The internet is full of powerlifting strength calculators and formulas, but none give you a solid estimate of your real strength.  Paul’s Strength Powerlifting Calculator compares your lifts against national standards to provide you with a simple score out of 100 points.

Powerlifting Strength Calculator

Download Powerlifting Calculator

Use Instructions for Powerlifting Calculator:

When you click on the chart, google will ask you to edit in google sheets.  To use the calculator, you just need to edit the orange sections.  You’ll need some basic information to that end.

  1. Gender
  2. Weight
  3. Number of reps completed (1, 2, 3, 5, or 10)
  4. Maximum weight lifted at that rep number.

The light blue section is your calculated scores.

You can download the Original Excel File Here.

Scoring for the Powerlifting Calculator:

The powerlifting calculator will automatically determine your total weight lifted based on your 4 lifts (Press, Bench, Squat, and Deadlift).  The powerlifting strength calculator will automatically adjust your lift to an estimated one rep max.  The calculator will make adjustment for your weight depending on the lift.  Based on your gender it will compare your total scores against an elite athlete at the same weight and gender.  Based on the division of these two elements (your total / elite total), the powerlifting calculator determines a simple score out of 100.  The higher the score, the stronger you are.

Weight Classes for Paul’s Powerlifting Calculator:

All lifters will be weighed in with the clothes (not shoes) they are going to lifting.  Weight classes are 25 pounds apart.  100, 125, 150, etc.  Your weight class will be rounded to the nearest class.  So 113-132 will be in the 125 pound weight class.

Weight Class Minimum Weight Maximum Weight
100 87 112
125 113 137
150 138 162
175 163 187
200 188 212
225 213 237
250 238 262

Thanks to the following websites that provided me with some resources to make this powerlifting strength calculator possible



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