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FitAid, LifeAid, and FitAid Zero.  Excellent recovery drinks for helping you get through your toughest workouts.

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FitAid Details

  • Only the good stuff, none of the junk—so you can train hard and recover clean!
  • For clean recovery you can drink, fit aid is the perfect post-workout supplement product.
  • Contains BCAAs, glutamine, Glucosamine & omega-3s to keep your muscles and joints feeling great.
  • Lightly Carbonated, tastes like refreshing “citrus.”
  • Electrolytes, Turmeric, Quercetin and CoQ10 to keep your mind and body functioning their best while providing anti-inflammatory benefits to combat everyday stress and physical activity.
  • 45g of natural Caffeine from full B-Complex, green Tea extract and Quercetin provide natural energy without the jitters (no added caffeine, no Taurine).
  • Fit aid contains essential nutrients for your mind and body: vitamins C & D3, Glucosamine, Turmeric and CoQ10.
  • Only 45 calories, fit aid is naturally sweetened with just 9g of raw organic blue Agave to accommodate the glycogen window and provide your body with complete, clean recovery.

LifeAid Details

  • Only the good stuff, none of the junk—so you can thrive in your daily life!
  • Turmeric and other natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce common inflammation caused by everyday stress.
  • LifeAid Daily Blend is the perfect daily soda replacement, each can contains only 45 calories and is naturally sweetened with 9g of raw organic blue agave.
  • Lightly carbonated, tastes like refreshing “Lemon Spice.”
  • Jam-packed with these clean, quality nutrients and supplements your mind and body need to function optimally: Magnesium, Rosemary, Oregano, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Cayenne, Ginger and Biotin.

FitAid Zero Details

  • Whether you need a sugar-free alternative to post-workout recovery with the added bonus of creatine for your muscles, you are counting macros or you just want a keto-friendly option that tastes great, fitaid Rx zero is perfect for you!
  • Each can is made with only the good stuff, containing the high-quality ingredients & essential nutrients your body needs after intense physical activity or exercise, plus 1, 000mg of creatine & now with zero sugar.
  • A proud new member of the Life Aid family of products, fitaid Rx zero is happily sweetened with Monk Fruit & Stevia and offers a refreshing citrus taste!
  • We recommend drinking an ice-cold can immediately following your next wod, exercise or training session.
  • Sugar-free recovery for your active lifestyle: the fitaid zero recovery blend has essential vitamins & Nutrients your body naturally needs after any physical activity or exercise. Zero sugar!


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FitAid and LifeAid

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