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Welcome to Sand and Steel’s boutique powerlifting, CrossFit, TRX Open Gym Service. Our Open Gym Service has 8 People per Hour with Online Reservations. Featuring brands like Rogue Fitness, Woodway, and Keiser, we provide a premium grade lifting facilities for CrossFitters, Personal Training, and Powerlifters.

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Open Gym Guide

Open Gym Alexandria VA

We have advanced strength training equipment from companies like Rogue Fitness and TRX.  Fitness gear designed for strength training and CrossFit.

Open Gym Rules

Open Signup Process

  1. You must attend an Open Gym Consult before you may attend Open Gym
  2. You Must Review all the Open Gym Rules
  3. Create Zen Planner Profile
  4. Setup SugarWOD Access
  5. Take Zen Planner Picture
  6. Setup Kisi Access

Open Gym Hours

Open gym will be available during the hours indicated on Zen Planner.  Currently those hours are: Monday- Thursday 4AM-12PM.  Friday 4AM-10PM.  Saturday 4:30AM, 7:30AM, 1PM-8PM.  Sunday 4AM-8PM.  Special accommodations can be made for individuals.  Please contact us for details.


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8 reviews for Open Gym

  1. 5 out of 5


    Looking for a well equipped gym? Look no further! From strength training racks to Cross Fit constructs to cardio to yoga supplies, it’s all covered here. When I first came in for the tour I wasn’t necessarily looking for a trainer per say, I’ve been at this for sometime by myself, but I was impressed with how much equipment and space there was in a space not normal to the traditional size you would expect of a gym. The atmosphere of Sand and Steel was super inviting and when they mentioned the option of open gym, I certainly had some questions about what I could use, where I could use it but when they said open gym, they meant open gym, of course as long as you weren’t disturbing other gym users. (always be mindful of your other gym goers.)I’ve already signed up for being able to use the open gym which means I go on my time and do what I want with the help of the many useful tools they have to provide for gym users.
    Whether you’re new to the gym scene or you have been doing this a while, like I have, this is a perfect place to help you achieve any goals you may have. From trainers that are expertly trained and care for your goals, to those of us who have been doing this a while and having the many tools to help you achieve your own goals, this is the place to workout.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I was just looking for a simple gym with great equipment. I feel safe and well equipped every time I come to Sand and Steel. I’m an avid gym goer so I can tell they are most equipped for almost any situation or style of exercise that you want to do. Flexibility of times is awesome, ease of access in and out. Quick tips are always helpful if you happen to catch a trainer there while you’re there. All the trainers are super nice and helpful, all very knowledgeable in different exercises and equipment. I’m even thinking of trying some of the training sessions at some point. Over all, I definitely recommend the open gym though. Great equipment to use and all kept in really great condition.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Overall, great equipment, great space and great atmosphere. Looking forward to continuing at Sand and Steel.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Great price for my budget plus awesome space and equipment. I was worried when I saw the location from the outside, but like the old phrase goes, “It’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside”. So much to work with inside. I love this gym!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Hannah J.

    Great price for a college student budget. I’ve been into fitness for years since middle school. This is a great open gym to be a part of. Very well equipped, great staff if I ever have questions. It’s a very inviting atmosphere in here and I feel very secure while I’m working out. Easy access into the building if no one is here. It’s also nice because at times I get the gym all to myself. Always respectful of course which everyone is encouraged to be while you are in any gym. Highly recommend this package if you’re just looking for a good way to get a good workout. Easy location to get to, it’s right next to the Van Dorn metro station. No really you walk outside and it’s right there. Love overall!

  6. 5 out of 5


    Awesomely equipped gym. Anything you need to get a good workout in is more than likely here. You need yoga equipment, it’s here. You’re a bodybuilder, the equipment is here. Most of the time I will get the gym privately to myself. Basic house rules apply. Keep you’re station clean and treat the equipment and space with respect. Very well maintained gym. Great location and so much ease of transportation methods.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Kim R.

    I am a mom of two so being able to find a gym that is affordable and easy to access is such an awesome combo for me. Location is awesome to get to (right next to Van Dorn metro station) , flexibility of time frames to work out, scheduling to use the gym is super easy as well. You simply schedule a day you want to come in and then choose what time you want to come in during that wide open slot of time. Love this pack so much for the ease of so many options. I have also been interested in maybe trying out some of their training session, they look like a really challenging but fun time. We shall see, I’ll keep everyone posted!

  8. 5 out of 5

    Devin R.

    So many gyms near by to Sand and Steel but what got me interested in Sand and Steel was the equipment. So much to choose from, usually pretty quiet while you’re here, other than good, invigorating music playing while working out. Getting in is super easy especially when no one is here, it’s set up on an electronic lock system. As long as your scheduled you are good to go. Scheduling is super easy as well, ease of access right from your phone. Choose what day you want to come in, book it and come in when it works well with your schedule. I’ve happened to come across some of the private training sessions as well and they look pretty awesome. I’me debating on trying some out soon when I’m feeling good and ready.

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