Open Gym Rules

4 Step Open Gym Process

Follow this process every time you attend Open Gym.

  1. Book Your Sessions Online;
  2. Check-in on the app;
  3. Clean your station: replace equipment; carefully remove all chalk, & clean all surfaces;
  4. Turn off the lights when you leave

Open gym works when everyone follows the rules.

Reservation Based

Use Zen Planner to reserve your sessions. You also must check-in on Zen Planner when you arrive at the gym.


For safety purposes, we do not provide chalk to share.  You are welcome to bring your own block chalk (pure magnesium carbonate).  We do not allow liquid chalk, powder chalk, or chalk balls.  If you’d like to buy a block of magnesium carbonate, we have some available for $5 each.  Be sure to pick up a zip lock bag with your chalk purchase.

Open Gym Space is indicated on Zen Planner

  • Front only means you can only use the front the gym.
  • Back only means you can only use the back of the gym.
  • Full gym means you can use the entire gym.

Safe Barbell Handling Policy

Safely Managing a Barbell in your CrossFit Gym 

Please Review all 10 Videos on Safe Barbell Handling

Please observe good barbell etiquette while you are at Sand and Steel Fitness.  Our barbells and plates are very expensive.  In order to keep our prices low, we need everyone to take care of our barbells.

Open Rules

  1. You must register for every session you attend. You must attend every session you book. You must check-in on the app for every session you attend. No show fees are $5.  It does not matter if you were really there.  If you don’t check-in on Zen Planner, you’ll be automatically assigned the no-show fee.
  2. Booking Window: 1 hours to 1 Weeks before the session.  Cancellation Window: 1 hours to 1 Weeks before the session.
  3. Barbells surrounded by red duct tape require approval for use. Please message Paul on Discord for instructions on how to take the barbell basics test (no cost).
  4. Clean all Chalk and all surfaces before you leave. Replace all equipment you have relocated to its original position. Wipe bars, plates, handles, everything. Keep the gym clean and hygienic for everyone. Make sure all equipment is returned exactly as you found it. All Rack attachments must be attached to the rack if you remove them. Replace benches where you find them.
  5. If you are the last person in the gym, turn off the main lights, and all lights in bathrooms and changing rooms.
  6. Do not allow people into the gym who don’t have access. Hand them a business card, which is on the front door.
  7. If you’d like to listen to your own music in open gym, you must bring your own headphones.  Don’t adjust the stereo, try to change the music, or try to play your own music through any speakers.  As a commercial gym, all of our music is licensed through ASCAP.
  8. You may not use any Sand and Steel Fitness computers. Don’t adjust or touch the cameras.
  9. Don’t slam any medicine balls into the floor or walls. Sandballs may be slammed on the floor. Don’t drop dumbbells or Kettlebells. Don’t drop plates on Cybex cable machine.
  10. Respect the weight limits of the cardio equipment, where posted.
  11. InBody Scans are NOT included with your open gym membership.
  12. Absolutely no horse-play of any kind will be tolerated. Do not throw any objects in the gym.
  13. No boxes under pullups bars.
  14. Please do not drag Bikes, Benches or other equipment across the floor as it will mark-up the floor.  If you do not know how to move any of this equipment, please speak with a coach before attempting to move it.
  15. Please keep all personal items (water bottles, masks, phones, bags, keys, etc.) in a cubby.  We do not allow members to leave their bags on the floor or on equipment.

Equipment Policies

  • Rip Trainer and exercise tubing must be attached via the metal hook to a metal clasp or you must use the padded exercise tubing holder.  You may not wrap the rubber tube or Rip Trainer Strap around itself or around a post.
  • Sandballs are not for medball cleans or wall balls.
  • Do not roll, throw, or slam plyoboxes.  They must be carried and gently set down.  The internal braces will break if you mishandle them.
  • Remove the handles from jump ropes before putting them away.
  • Do not drop empty barbells from any height onto the ground.
  • Do not a drop barbells with only 10s or 15s on the bar.
  • Do not allow the barbell to crash to the floor when unloading the barbell.
  • The minimum weight for any barbell based workout is 35# (15 barbell and two 10s).  If that is too heavy … scale to dumbbells.
  • Do not place plyoboxes under pullup bars. Thumbs must be around the pullup bar at all times.
  • You may not use more than one pullup band at a time for pullups.
  • Pullups bands go around your knee, not your your foot.
  • For workouts using chalk and contact with the floor (Toes to Bar and Pushups), use a mat for your hands so you do not grind chalk into the mats.

Safeties for lifts

  • Please use safeties for back squats and bench press.
  • Please do not use safeties for cleans, snatches, overhead squats, push press, or jerks.
  • Safeties are optional for all other lifts.

Slamming and Dropping Weights

Do not drop:

  • Dumbbells,
  • Kettlebells,
  • Weight stacks,
  • Empty barbells,
  • Barbells with less than 25 pounds of bumper plates per side.  Barbells may never be slammed down.

No slamming of:

  • Medicine Balls
  • Dynamex Balls

Slamming of sand based equipment is OK:

  • Sandbells
  • Sandbags
  • Sandball

Weight Limits

Do not allow any client above these weight limits to use the cardio equipment

  • #325 echo Bike
  • #375 Woodway
  • #475 concept 2 tower
  • #500 inBody scan
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