Safely Managing a Barbell in your CrossFit Gym 

Welcome to Paul’s Guide to Safely Managing a Barbell in your CrossFit gym.  The following Barbell Guide applies to CrossFit @ Sand & Steel and Open Gym. Members of other gyms will find this information applicable to your home CrossFit gym as well.

The Value of a Barbell

A low-end Rogue Fitness Barbell (called the Ohio bard) with minimal finishing costs $285 plus tax and shipping.  Higher barbells like the one CrossFit Sand and Steel range from $300-$800 each.  Consider that we have about 50 barbells in the gym, you are looking at an investment of about $25,000.  Larger CrossFit Gyms may have 100 or 200 barbells making the gym’s investment $100,000 or more.

Safe Barbell Handling Policy

CrossFit Sand & Steel’s Barbell Handling Policy is simple to understand

Maintain control of your barbell such that it does not pose of risk of injury to yourself or others. Protect your barbell from fall damage. Never let an empty barbell strike the ground. Use safeties for back squats and bench press, but not standing press. Do not drop barbells loaded only with 10 or 15 pounds plates. Clean your barbell after use.

Open Gym Policy

The Number of Members We Serve

Over the course of a year, CrossFit Sand and Steel serves on average about 1,000 different members. That’s a 1000 different people who can (a) hurt themselves improperly using a barbell, (b) hurt others through improper use of a barbell, and (c) damage the barbells through improper use. That’s a lot of people to teach on a constant basis how to properly maintain and use a barbell. So we have created this 10 Element Video guide that explains all the main principles of handling a barbell safely (each video is only a minute long or so.)

CrossFit Barbells at Sand and Steel Fitness

At CrossFit Sand and Steel we have 4 standard barbells that come with your memberships plus 3 specialty barbells.

  • Rogue Ohio Bars (Men’s 20kg Olympic Barbell)
  • Rogue Bella Bars (Women’s 15 kg Olympic Barbell)
  • Rogue’s Technique T-15 Barbells
  • BC Strength Hip Thruster Barbells.

You’ll find all of these barbells in the back. Additionally, in our personal training we have 4 specialty barbells for squats, curls, and deadlifts:

Men’s 20KG Barbells vs Women’s 15KG Barbells

YouTube video
Understanding the 4 Types of Barbells we have for CrossFit Classes. Plus, Paul Explains Why a “Woman’s 15KG Bar is the Really the Same as a Men’s 20 KG Bar.”

Open Gym Plus Barbells

For more advanced lifters we have our Open Gym Plus Service. Open Gym Plus offers premium plates, collars, grip tools, mobility gear, chains, and of course barbells. Some of the Premium Barbells we have are:

YouTube video
Open Gym Plus 1 Minute Barbell Tour

These Four Videos summarize the right way and the wrong on how to handle a barbell in CrossFit Classes or in Open Gym

How to Safely Deload a Barbell

YouTube video
Coach Paul demonstrates the right way and the wrong way to deload a barbell.

Cleaning Your Barbell

YouTube video
Coach Paul shows you how to properly clean and “de-chalk” a barbell after use.

No Slamming of Barbells

YouTube video
Controlling the Descent vs. Slamming a Barbell

No Ghosting Barbells

YouTube video
Ghosting a Barbell

Using Safeties in CrossFit and Open Gym

Safeties Are Required for Back Squat and Benchpress. Said safties must be positioned at the correct height. This policy is for your own protection as well as for the gym.

Open Gym Policy

Setting Safties for Back Squat

YouTube video
How to Set the Safties and J-Hooks for the Monster Rack

Setting Safties for Bench Press

YouTube video
Setting Safties and J-Hooks for the Bench Press
YouTube video
No Safties for Press and Jerks
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