Trail Run Club

Learn the secrets of trail running while improving your cardiovacular fitness.  Sand & Steel Trail is a beginner friendly run club that runs weekly in parks in the DC VA MD area.

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Trail Run Club

Our Trail run club features trail runs ranging from 3-13 miles.  All of our runs feature beginner friendly distance options so that new runners can join us.  As part of the class, we teach new runners what kind of sneakers to buy, what gear to wear, how much water they need, and which supplements are best on and after the trail.

Like all of our classes, we provide scaling for our runs.  So even if the class says were are running seven miles, we can provide you a shorter run.  All weekend classes meet at Sand and Steel Fitness and we carpool to the run location.  We are here to help in terms of running gear, hydration, nutrition, running technique, etc.  For our current run of the week please see SugarWOD.  Sand & Steel Trail meets on Sundays as of April 1, 2022.

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