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August 14, 2021. The Unity WOD is about meeting new people, celebrating our differences, and completing a challenging CrossFit workout together. Join us for an epic workout — complete with medals and desserts.

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Unity WOD Group
The Unity WOD is about is about community.  It’s about meeting new people, celebrating our differences, and completing a challenging workout together.  The workout will be performed in teams of two, with the teams being decided randomly.

Workout Difficulty

Unity WOD will feature a beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level variation.  You’ll only be competing against people in your current CrossFit rank. As with all of our workouts, we will pay special attention to scaling and safety for beginners.

Times and Dates

Unity WOD is August 14, 2021.  It will be coached by Paul & Katy.

  • 9:00AM: Sign-in
  • 9:10AM: Draw for Teams
  • 9:15AM: Workout Overview and Warmup
  • 9:45AM: Workout Starts
  • 11:30AM: Awards Ceremony, Donuts, and Coffee
  • 12:00PM: Cleanup

Unity WOD Trailer

The Unity WOD is a 15 element endurance-WOD workout.

Unity WOD Workout

It’s you and your partner against 2200 reps.  First Team in each skill level wins.  Winner Takes All.

  • Kettlebell Clean to Burpees / Bumper Plate Pinch Hold
  • Overhead Plate Lunges / Squat Pulse with Plate
  • Alternating Swings into Hi-Pull  / Lunge Runner
  • Synchronized Plate Ground-to-Overheads
  • Synchronized Alternating Scissors Crunches
  • Synchronized Plate Ground-to-Overheads
  • Alternating Swings into Hi-Pull / Lunge Runner
  • Overhead Plate Lunges / Squat Pulse with Plate
  • Kettlebell Clean to Burpees / Bumper Plate Pinch Hold

Unity WOD Preparation

If you are taking our CrossFit classes, you’ll be prepared.  Just like in our Murph and Pride Throwdown, we’ll adjust the workout so that you are thoroughly prepared for this WOD.  If you are a personal training client, Paul will provide your coach with a custom-scaled training plan for the workout.

Unity WOD Prep WOD 1: July 30

27-21-15-9 reps for time of:

  • Squat Cleans
  • Kettlebell Clean to Burpee

Scaling: Rx/ Expert: 115/85 + 35 Pound Kettle
Intermediate: 95/75 & bar knees to elbow + 31 Pound Kettle
Beginner: 75/55 & bar hanging knee raise + 22 Pound Kettle

Unity WOD Prep Workout 2: Aug 2

For Time (Advanced Scaling):

  • 75 Wall Balls 20/14
  • 100 Alternating Swings into Hi-Pull (each hi-pull counts as one) 35
  • 60 Lunge Runners L
  • 60 Lunge Runners R
  • 150 Situps with the same medball


Hero Pose with Partner Assist
Partner Assisted Thread the Needle Rotation

Unity WOD Prep Workout 3: Aug 5

10 Rounds for Time

  • 10 Hip Thrusts at 50% ORM
  • 10 Scissor Crunches

Time Cap is 25 Minutes


Rx: 60%ORM and 12 Scissor Crunches
Intermediate: as written
Beginner: Dumbbell Hip Thrust at 50lbs and 5 Scissor Crunches

Cooldown: 8 Minutes

Glute Smash
Wall Figure 4 Stretch
Pigeon Stretch

Unity WOD Trophies

We will be awarding trophies to the top finishers in each class.  So six trophies in all.

Unity WOD Coffee and Doughnuts

The Unity WOD will be a scorcher when it comes to calories.  Totals will clock in around 1400-1800 calories.  You earned a donut — enjoy a little celebration with your friends.


Unity WOD Apparel Collection

All members that wear a Unity T-Shirt, Tank Top, or Hat get free preworkout on Wednesdays.

Unity WOD Bonus


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