Workout Sneak Peak: Week of September 7, 2020

3 WODS from Workouts Past come to haunt your gym experiences.  Some were easy, some were hard.  Check your notes, and prepare.  On Saturday we do Grace. Plus, we have some new class times starting September 21.


Monday’s Strong was request by Katy.  This back to basics workouts features benchpress, 50 ring chinups for time, plus 100 benchrows for time.

Tuesday’s CrossFit started a trend.  It was Amanda’s first day, and I was out of the gym.  Amanda writes to me and asks me whether we do “real” CrossFit WODS at Sand & Steel, because this Workout was a little to easy.  I don’t know what happened that day… maybe this WOD is easy.  Or maybe … it won’t be so easy when I am coaching it.  I guess we’ll see.

Wednesday, is Sumo Deadlifts, stepups, Pike Pushups, and Plyo Lunges.  This workout was notable for two reasons.  A) half of the class forget to wear pants / knee high socks (they are required for everyone’s safety).  B) the conditioning pretty much wrecked everyone.  We’ll see if you fare better this time around.

Thursday, recover in Yoga with Ira, because on Saturday, we do Grace.

Saturday’s CrossFit WOD is Grace. Grace is 30 clean and jerks for time.  If you are still struggling with the Clean and Jerk, you might book a private with Paul or one of our coaches.  Or if you aren’t into Olympic lifting, book the Kinstretch class on Saturday instead.

Workout Tip
Take your protein, BCAAs, and Preworkout. Get to sleep to early & hydrate.  Prep your food tonight and get your mind right.  Monday come to work.


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