Friday Night CrossFit

Friday Night CrossFit

Friday Night at Home? We got a better solution — maybe you should CrossFit with us? New to Sand and Steel? Your first WOD is free. Join Coach @paul_sscf at 5PM and Coach @kroblinger at 6PM as we sweat, burn, and party our way through an epic CrossFit Workout every Friday night. 🍻 This Friday is our BYOB night, so bring a bottle or can of your favorite beverage to celebrate your WOD.🍷

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The Nine Fitness Classes of Sand and Steel Fitness

View the Nine Classes of Sand and Steel. Earn up to 33 rewards points, by reviewing our classes, personal training, or open gym! Rewards Points can be used to buy everything from personal training to supplements.

Online Fitness Classes V2 Opt

Online Fitness Classes. Virtual Training at Home

Over 65 Online Fitness Classes per week in crystal clear audio and 4K high definition video. 22 Unique Virtual Classes you can do at home. Our featured online fitness classes: FireFlow, Beyond Stretch, Butts and Guts, and CoreFit TRX can be attended virtually or in-person. We also have in-person-only classes: Strong, CrossFit, Beginner CrossFit, and Recovery Clinic.

Fitness Class, CoreFit. Kettlebell Leg Workout

Corefit Fitness Class: Kettlebell Leg Workout

The Fitness Class, CoreFit, brings an intense, calorie-scortching, workout experience. Master TRX, Bosu & Kettlebell workouts. WOD Kettlebell Leg Workout.

Unlike other classes, CoreFit TRX and Kettlebell Classes are designed for members that have preexisting injuries.  From a fitness instructor point of view, this makes building a workout much more challenging.  But we are going to go behind the scenes and show you how Paul built this kettlebell leg workout for Larissa.  We’re going to break down the alternating swing, Medball Situp, and the Medball step-up to help you find your appropriate scaling.  Whether you choose to take CoreFit in a private training or in our group fitness classes, you can always expect a challenge.

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