Eight Full Body Workout Videos for Weight Loss

Looking for a Full Body Workout for Weight Loss?  We have collected eight of the best full-body workout videos on YouTube.  As a bonus, you’ll find a link for a free online CrossFit Class with us.  CrossFit TRX features the TRX suspension trainer and kettlebells in cardio sequences to scorch calories and build total-body strength.

Eight Full Body Workout Videos for Weight Loss

Below are eight of the best full-body, weight loss workout videos on YouTube.  Some videos focus only on bodyweight exercises, while others are equipment-based.  The first two videos feature our CrossFit KORE class which leverages equipment like the Bosu and TRX Suspension Trainer to build core strength.  The next six videos are some of our favorites on YouTube.

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CrossFit KORE at Sand and Steel

KORE is unlike any other class you have attended. The TRX and kettlebells will work the entire body. The workout will have the appropriate fitness level for you, provided by the scaling system utilized here are Sand and Steel Fitness. These scaling’s are organized as; beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert-level athletes based on how you perform each exercise. This means that you will be performing exercises with the TRX, a physioball, Bosu ball, or on the ground. These changes are for your safety.

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1) The CrossFit Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

Featured in this Weight Loss Video are the TRX Prone Iron Cross, Calf Raises, Kneeling Skull Crushers, Kneeling Rollout, and Squats. Join our class below as we challenge you to complete this workout before time expires.

2) Full Body Workout: CrossFit

Featured in our second total body workout are TRX I’s, Pistol Squats, TRX T’s, and Pushups.

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3) 20 Minute Total Body Weight Loss Workout

This video has every exercise you will need to get a great total body workout.  This exercise video features squat jumps, lunges, pushups, and superman. Pamela Reif does a great job of setting the intensity high for this workout. Plus, with 41 million views, it is hard to argue with this video’s success.

4) The Anywhere Full Body Workout Video

Our next online, anywhere, no-equipment-required workout raises the intensity level.  Featuring exercises like the pushups, jumping jacks, and toe touches, this exercise video  works your entire body.

5) Total Body Workout with Jumping, Squats, or Lunges

Working out in an apartment may be challenging, especially if you do not live on the first floor. This exercise video will help you get a total body workout without upsetting your neighbors.  Plus it’s “knee-friendly” for those people who have knee pain.

6) Tabata for a Fully Body Home Workout

If you cannot get to a gym and you only have two dumbbells at home, this is the workout for you. This exercise video features some advanced exercises, so beginners might need to scale exercises like handstand pushups to pike pushups or strict pushups. For the experienced athlete, this workout video is a lot of fun.

7) Full Body Workout in a Gym

Jeff Nipard delivers a killer workout in his full-body training video. This workout video designed for mid-level to experienced athletes.  But with some simple scaling, beginners can also follow along.

8) Hard Total Body Workout

Wow! Obi Vincent does an intense workout.  With over 11K likes, this exercise video is extremely popular on YouTube.  Vincent delivers a high-intensity, high-volume workout for our more experienced athletes.  Plus, this exercise video provides the warm-up, which is a big plus.

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