Kinstretch Base Poses featured in Beyond Stretch

Beyond Stretch: learn all 18 Base Poses of the Kinstretch system in this comprehensive article on Kinstretch. Beyond Stretch is the kind of training that professional dancers and gymnasts use to improve their control and range motion. Based on FRC, Kinstretch & M|WOD, Beyond Stretch improves passive and active flexibility. Kinstretch helps strengthen your end range of motion and control. Beyond Stretch improves your balance and resistance to injury by targeting the muscles that your everyday activities cannot.

“What is Kinstretch? A movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion,” and that comes directly from the Kinstretch website. Their certification starts with the base knowledge of functional range conditioning mobility specialists (FRCms) and is married to specific concepts of increasing active range of motion. We incorporate “poses” and foundational positions from which can execute various stretches.  In our Beyond Stretch Class we train you to move better and build your resistance to injury. 

Make Stuff Move Nice

Why Do You Need to Know These Base Poses?

Below are 18 of the base poses, which are the foundation of Kinstrech and Beyond Stretch. Each session of Beyond Stretch will have 3-5 poses and apply different stretching techniques, such as passive stretching, active range holds, hoovers, and more. At first, you may have difficulty in these poses or other movements. Throughout time you will notice that every effort brings greater access to mobility within your body, making everyday activities easier to perform, and increasing your quality of life.

18 Kinstretch Base Poses

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