Workout Sneak Peak: Week of September 1, 2020

Get the Skinny of This Week’s WODS — Paul Shares the Highlights


Beginners: Welcome to Sand & Steel. We have some very exciting workouts planned for this week with plenty of scalings available. For my veterans: Bring your A-Game this week, because Coach Paul is Bringing the Heat this week.

Monday’s Strong Workout blazes the doors open with all out evil Benchpress Leg Raise Combo.  💀  But the fun continues with two Paul’s all time favorite core-breakers.  The TRX and Bosu team up to break-down your core.  And it’s only Monday…

Tuesday’s CrossFit introduces the Kettlebell Snatch with bosu burpees in remaining time.  It’s four rounds of fun.  👿

Wednesday, we are working muscles that have been lagging. Hamstrings and weighted box step ups.  Think of it as preventative maintenance for your posterior chain.

Thursday, we have two yoga classes to help you recover (Ira they are going to need you.)  Which brings us to:

Saturday’s CrossFit — will be all out war for first place. But for those who’d prefer to stretch, we have a brand new Kinstretch flow at 10AM.

Workout Tip
Take your protein, BCAAs, and Preworkout. Get to sleep to early & hydrate.  Prep your food tonight and get your mind right.  Monday come to work.

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