5 Functional Trainer Moves

5 Favorite Functional Trainer Exercises

Lat Pull Down • Chest Support Row • Face Pull • Tricep Pushdown • Reverse Fly with Rear Lunge

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1) Lat Pull which works the mechanics of a pullup, but allow for greater control of volume by easily allowing the load to be changed. Emphasis should be on the back and latissimus dorsi.

2) Chest Support Row. Certain Functional Trainers have an attachment for supporting the chest while rowing. A squat row can be substituted as needed. This move should be done with an emphasis on rear deltoid engagement. Biceps are for curling … not for rows.

3) The Face Pull is a great correctional exercise. It emphases many upper trapezius movements that are helpful for preventing injury and making sure there is a balance of muscular front to back. This move should be done you a rowing grip with very high elbows on the contraction.

4) Tricep pushdown is a classic tricep exercise that works the triceps in isolation. In this variation a tricep rope pushdown is shown, which allows for a greater contraction at the end of the movement.

5) Reverse Lunge with Reverse Fly. This exercise is done by stepping back into a lunge while squeezing both arms back into a reverse fly.

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