MEASURE Progress with a 3D Body Scan!

Measure Progress in 3D

The Styku 3D body scanner. Scanning is a quick and accurate way to track everything from measurements to caloric deficits and offers a better way to Measure Progress.  You work hard for your results, but the scale leaves you frustrated and discouraged. Scanning offers you the evidence you need to succeed.

Styku provides a full body analysis that includes many features. 3D body scanning has exciting bells and whistles you won’t see with the Inbody or old school handheld body fat calculators.  The features include a full body scan, 3D images, measurements, track changes in body shape, calculate fitness and health metrics, and much more. Also, you will be able to use your scan to order clothes online!

Fast, Efficient, and Discreet.

While standing on a rotating platform for 30 seconds, an infrared sensor captures the body’s shape, composition, and measurements by taking hundreds of images. The software charts key measurements using your first scan as a baseline. Over time with multiple scans, it calculates and tracks changes in body shape along your health and fitness journey.

The 3D image created by the scanner can be rotated, zoomed in and out and compared with previous 3D images.  Scanning is totally safe and non-invasive with no restrictions, anyone can scan whether pregnant, with joint replacements, or pacemakers.

Choosing the right clothing is important. The scanner measures what it sees, so if clothing is loose fitting (or too constricting) the measurements will not be accurate.  Ideal clothing is underwear and bra for women and biker shorts for men. The scan offers immediate results with a 10 minute consultation to discuss results, set calorie and activity goals.

Tying Together Personal Training Programs

Personal Trainers are often the key to success because they offer knowledge, programs, and accountability. A trainer can help figure out where to start a fitness journey while supporting the client along the way. Now, with Body Evidence Scans, the client and the trainer will be able to SEE progress and results, from the start of the program through progression. The scan is Evidence you can SEE in 3D!  Set your goals higher and let Body Evidence Scans prove you are reaching them.

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