Cashews vs. Peanuts: which is nut is better?

Peanuts vs Cashews

The Nut Showdown

Good stuff about Cashews

  • copper 98% 1
  • phosphorus 34%
  • manganese 33%
  • magnesium 29%
  • zinc 21%

They also happen to a good amount of lesser-known phytonutrients, such as antioxidants, tyrosinase, melanin, elastin, proanthocyanidins, and oleic acid.

Bad Stuff about Cashews

  • High Calorie DensityΒ 2
  • Very high in Omega 6 which raises inflammation

Good Stuff about Peanuts

  • High in mono-unsaturated fats, but so are cashews.
  • Very inexpensive, whereas cashew are expensive.

Problems with Peanuts

  • Contains Aflowtoxins which are toxic and carninogenic in some studies. 3
  • Contains no Omega 3 (all Omega 6) raises inflammation 4
  • Contains a lectin called Peanut Agglutinin which binds carbohydrates 5

The Verdict

Cashews win every time.Β  In all the years that I have been coaching nutrition, I’ve never once recommended that a client eat peanuts over cashews.


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