CrossFit, SteelFit, Box & Row, CoreFit

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CrossFit Gymastics

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4 Types of Classes

  • CrossFit true to brand, high intensity training
  • SteelFit (inspired by the Russian KettleBell Club and Onnit)
  • Bow & Row (Ski Erg, Rowing, Boxing, Calisthenics, and pulling exercises)
  • CoreFit with TRX (Suspension Training, Rip Training, Valslides, and Bosus)
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Visit the CrossFit Page. Beginner and advanced classes.  Lose weight, build muscle, learn new skills.  Our coaches are CrossFit Level I and II trainers.  CrossFit Power Lifting Trainer, and CrossFit Gymnastics Trainers.  Learn more and get in shape faster with Sand & Steel Crossfit. At Sand & Steel we emphasize safety in our CrossFit classes. We aren’t out to kill you, we design our CrossFit Classes to make you stronger, safely. Yes, we use advanced movements like barbell snatches and muscle ups, but only with select clients that have the experience. Our level 1 classes are designed with the beginner in mind. Our classes have a maximum size of six people, and even then we use two instructors. This way you’ll get the supervision you need to crush CrossFit benchmarks like Fran and Barbara. We’ll introduce you to CrossFit, assess your abilities, and provide the class with a scaled workout. Level 2 classes are a little more intense, and we require that you pass a basic skills class to register for these classes (it’s for your own safety.) If it’s your first time trying CrossFit, feel free to “audit” one, and make sure to grab a free class coupon as well.

Box and Row

The Ultimate Cardio Workout

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CoreFit with TRX

CoreFit with TRX:  Want Six Pack Abs?  This is the class.  This class focuses on developing core strength using the Rip Trainer, Bosu, SandBell, and the Suspension Trainer.

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Advanced Strength Training. With the use of kettle bells, club bells, and maces, SteelFit focuses on the technique of the movements to promote maximum results. The workouts in SteelFit are designed so that each move is completed in a purposeful routine that will maximize metabolic conditioning. The exercises challenge multiple muscles groups at the same time, creating a burn in the muscles that will keep the calories melting off long after the workout is over.  SteelFit is great option at any experience level because technique can always be improved upon, and it is the key to preventing sports related injuries.

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ZombieFit – Coming in November

The training necessary to survive a Zombie Apocalypse! Beginner-friendly class focused on weightloss and high intensity physical conditioning. It’s only a matter of time until we wake up one day to find our great Capital City overridden with zombies.  The key to survival is simple: lose weight to hide from zombies better, speed training to avoid zombies, throw heavy objects at zombies (like Dynamax balls), lift heavy objects out of the way (like barbells), and master the anti-zombie weaponry (training tools like Vipr’s, Surges, and Kamagons.)  If our cultural media is to be trusted, the Zombie Apocalypse is coming — and ZombieFit is your first line of defense.