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The Origin diet was invented by Paul Roberts and comes from 5 primary sources: the Precision Nutrition Method, the Mayo Clinic’s Dash Diet, The 2015-2020 US Dietary Guidelines, the Whole 30 Method, and over 3000 hours of clinical experience coaching clients and measuring their progress.  Origin provides you with diet information you plus a systematic method of coaching to help you implement an eating pattern that will work for your goals and health.

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Origin Nutrition provides you with iterative changes to make in each nutrition cycle (either every week or every 2 weeks).  By providing you a scalable diet set to your own discipline and organization – Origin Nutrition provides the fastest body composition improvement possible.  The coaching takes place in one-hour sessions where we: (1) analyze your current diet, (2) answer your questions on what to change, (3) determine which are the most important changes to make first, (4) build you a roadmap to effect those changes.

How it Works:

  • We review your present eating patterns and food journal
  • We examine the state of your nutrition knowledge
  • We provide you individualized recommendations on what to change this cycle
  • We provide the scientific literature behind why those changes should be made
  • We answer any and all questions you have on how to make the changes
  • We provide you with tools and techniques to make those changes more easily
  • We prepare a compliance chart so that you can monitor whether you staying on track
  • We provide you proprietary handouts to facilitate those changes
  • Custom sports supplement dosing.  Which supplements to use, when, and how much to take.
  • Integrated telephone conferences and scheduling included.
  • Get the guidance you need from your coach in real time.

Special Programming Included for:

  • Food addictions
  • 36 Hour work shifts
  • Diet for people that constantly travel
  • Vegan, Vegetarians, and special diets
  • Restaurant Menu Analysis
  • Food delivery services (Power Supply, Nutrisystem, Hungry Root, etc.)
  • Recipes for healthy versions of your favorite snacks

Go Way Beyond Paleo with Sand & Steel’s Battle Tested Meal Plan and Diet.

Origin Nutrition Meal Plan and Diet

Download our eBook on nutrition.  It’s designed both for the beginner who may have experimented with other diets, and especially for people who are looking to take their existing diet to the next level.  Boiling down over 5000 hours of coaching nutrition to clients, Paul breaks down his 24 most important rules to follow.  In the newly released second edition, Paul includes a FAQ on some hot topic questions on GMO foods, juicing, and coconut oil.

Unlike other books you have read, the Origin Nutrition Meal Plan and Diet has been carefully edited and distilled into 15 fact-packed pages to tell you what you need without repetition or useless anecdotes.

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Special Diet

We currently have clients with the following special diets:

  • Gluten Free
  • Nuts Free
  • Bodybuilding style
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Ulcers
  • Low Acid
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Pescatarian
  • Ulcerative Colitis‎
  • Gallbladder removal

Nutrition Tips

  1. Enough Water
  2. Fish Oil
  3. Multivitamin
  4. Omega 3/ Omega 6 balance
  5. Enough soluable fiber
  6. Enough insoluable fiber
  7. 30 percent mixed fats
  8. Low glycemic carbs
  9. Sugar less than 24 grams per day
  10. No sugar with high fat meals
  11. Monounstatuated fats
  12. Load food towards morning
  13. Eating enough protein
  14. Protein before and after working out
  15. 5 servings of fruit and veggies (veggies on every meal)
  16. No foods with chemicals in it
  17. No processed foods
  18. No soda
  19. No Corn or corn products
  20. Minimal High Glycemic Carbs
  21. Greens
  22. No food past 8:00pm
  23. Use sleep aids when dieting
  24. Coffee Consumption
  25. Not counting/measuring/weighing foods
  26. Skipping breakfast or lunch
  27. No eating out
  28. Alcohol
  29. Not eating the essential anitflammatory spices
  30. Eating antioxidants
  31. Eating cruciferous vegetables
  32. Not food shopping
  33. Not keeping food visible
  34. Acid/alkaline balance
  35. Organic or local meats
  36. No sugar substitutes
  37. Eating the correct number of calories based on weight
  38. 8 hours of sleep
  39. Buy only what is on your list in the grocery store (always have a shopping list)
  40. No food allergens (dairy, soy, gluten)
  41. No transfats
  42. No corn syrup
  43. No foods with sugar on the first/second ingredient
  44. No white flour
  45. No Milk chocolate
  46. No icecream
  47. No fried foods
  48. No Baked goods (flour & sugar & transfats)
  49. Lower Stress – slows recovery, memory, weight gain, insomnia, immune system, hair loss, sexual performance, allergy.
  50. Sharp knives make better tasting healthy food (even cuts)
  51. Pectin (fiber) is important and primarily found in fruits (lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar regulation)
  52. Flavonoids (fruits, veggies, tea, wine) shown to include antioxidative activity, free-radical scavenging capacity, coronary heart disease prevention, and anticancer activity, while some flavonoids exhibit potential for anti-human immunodeficiency virus functions

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