Shoulder Injury and Rotator Cuff Exercises

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Whether you have a shoulder injury like an impingement or need stability exercises for your rotator cuff, the key to helping you get better is strengthening the weakened muscle and mobilizing the relevant fascia.  Here are 10 amazing Shoulder Rotator Cuff Exercises and Stretches that you can do with your personal trainer.

About 15% of our clients have a shoulder rotator cuff injury from sports like CrossFit, Gymnastics, workplace injuries, Orange Theory, or sports like football.  The shoulder is a high movable joint, and it’s very easy to injure.  To find out which type of rotator cuff exercises are best for your shoulder, we built out a 12 step shoulder injury test that allows to find weakened muscles in the shoulder and rotator cuff.  Based on the results of this shoulder injury test, we select your rotator cuff exercises strength and mobility program.

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Some clients seek treatment for their shoulder rotator cuff from outside providers (like a physical therapist or chiropractor).  We work with your entire health network to provide you the best care possible.  Whether that’s building you new exercises to stabilize your lateral abduction or help you build external rotation in your rotator cuff, etc.  Moreover, we also build programs that allow you to work at high-intensity without impacting the shoulder rotator cuff.  This way you can still get a great workout and save your shoulder rotator cuff exercises for your mobility sessions.

Selecting the right rotator cuff exercises and which order to do them is what separates the pros from the pretenders.  We have worked with hundreds of clients with shoulder injuries finding unique exercises to help them move better.

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Exercises

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The Clubbell Pendulum Exercise. Shoulder Strength & Mobility
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The Lateral Sandbag Drag is Great Rotator Cuff Exercise for Strength
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The Medball Barbell Overhead Anchor. A Great Exercise for Building Shoulder Mobility for the Overhead Squat
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The Bridge is both a Shoulder Strengthening Exercise and Works as Test for Rotator Cuff Stablity
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Bench Press Can be a Challenging Exercise if you have a Shoulder Injury.  The Football or Swiss Bar can be used to Minimize Shoulder Stress while Doing Bench Press
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The W-Raise is a shoulder rotator cuff used by physical therapists
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Banded Shoulder Stretch for Neck and Rotator Cuff Injuries

If you are reading this article looking for a template of specific rotator cuff exercises to treat your particular shoulder rotator cuff injury… I’ll save you the time.  That article doesn’t exist.  More importantly, it can’t exist.
The shoulder is a high complex joint.  The rotator cuff is very easily injured, so be careful with complex movements like handstands and snatches. A shoulder rotator cuff injury can involve various nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  The lack of strength or restriction of motion can be caused by injury or deactivation of multiple different muscles.  The key to fixing the injury is watching an athlete perform test exercises and observing compensations.  Compensations are caused weakened muscles or muscles that are tight.  To begin to repair the injury, you need to strengthen the weakened muscles and mobilize the tight one.

Shoulder rotator cuff injuries are challenging to overcome, and selecting appropriate shoulder rotator cuff exercises takes an experienced personal trainer. If you have a serious shoulder injury, find a personal training studio that has the experience to help you.  Look for specialty certifications like FMS, MAT, NASM Corrective Exercises, etc.  Also, check out their current clients testimonials? Are you first client with an injury or is this their bread and butter practice?  Don’t be their test case, and ask for client references.

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Shoulder Injury and Rotator Cuff Exercises

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