Mobility and Stability Screen

The Power of Diagnostics

What if we could find problems before they turn into injuries?  And if there are injuries, what if we could track down the biomechanical source to repair those injuries?  We would be better…  We would train safer ….

Summary: Get your Mobility and Stability tested before engaging in a personal training program or group training environment system.  Ask your coach to identify weak muscle connections, tight muscles, and joint dysfunction.  You need to know if your pelvis is tilted, rotated, or shifted… and if it is, how to treat it.  Muscle asymmetries don’t repair themselves, so find a coach that has the training to help you.

Leveraging the FMS Level II Screen, 3D MAPS, Muscle Energy Techniques, Y-Balance Test, and Mobility|WOD Certifications

Purchase a Mobility and Stability Screen Session

On average, less than 5% of our clients are aware of all of their movement limitations, and that’s why we test them.  To work out safely, you need strong movement patterns.  The FMS, 3DMAPS, and YBT test movement patterns and help us identify where there are imbalances.  Once we know where they are, we can test the muscles to identify the specific weakness.  Once we identify the muscles, we utilize corrective exercises to strengthen the deactivated muscles (Muscle Energy Systems and Mobility|WOD).  This restores the movement pattern so that you can get back to playing golf, soccer, or whatever is that you like most.

If you knew there was a substantial risk that you would get injured doing a fitness program… you wouldn’t do it right?  What if you could know these risks before you started a new fitness regime?  What if you could prevent that injury by strengthening a weakened muscle group?  That’s what movement and mobility screening is all about.  Moving Safer and Training Better.Paul Roberts
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The next time you download a workout program off the internet or participate in a group class regime (e.g. CrossFit, Orange Theory, etc) remember that the program you are doing wasn’t build for you specifically.  While Greg Glassman is right, everyone should know how to squat… the road to getting a perfect squat varies for everyone.  When you have mixed experience and athletic ability in the same group class, it’s very challenging for a coach to prevent every injury.  Look for a gym with a lower coach to client ratio, and the knowledge base to help you.

Fitness Performance Benchmark

Fitness Performance Benchmark
The Sand & Steel Fitness Performance Benchmark incorporates the teachings of Kelly Starret, Gray Cook, Brett Jones, Kit Laughlin, and Gray Cook.  Let’s Move Better Together.

The Sand & Steel Promise

Paul Roberts Movement and Mobility Coach

Every workout is tested and customized for the individual client.  Every client is screened for potential injuries.  A custom program will be designed for you to improve your mobility and strengthen weakened patterns.  Yes, it costs more to train people this way, but our clients are worth it.

When I screen a client for potential muscle weaknesses and tightness, I bring an army of tests and diagnostics tools1 to assess range of motion, stability, and strength.  If you want to get stronger or lose weight — it begins and ends with proper movement mechanics.

  1. As of Jan 17, 2017 we use FMS Level II Screen, 3D MAPS, Muscle Energy Techniques, Y-Balance Test, and Mobility|WOD Specialist Certifications in our new client benchmarks.

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