Discord Overview

Please join Paul for an online meeting to discuss using Discord at Sand and Steel Fitness

Beyond Stretch Special Class

Beyond Stretch

Join Jenn & Paul for a Special Beyond Stretch Class on shoulders. Build shoulder strength & mobility for Arms OCR, CrossFit, and total body fitness.

Rope Climbing Workshop

Rope climbing is a tough skill to master, regardless of your strength or experience. The footwork alone can take a long time to figure out. That’s why Paul wants to … Read more

Dominion & Burgers

Dominion and Burgers

Dominion might just be the best “deck-building” game ever invented.  Super simple to learn, infinitely replayable, endless ways to improve your strategy.  Dominion games are different every time, and a … Read more

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain Hike Run & Comus Inn Run 7.4 Miles, 1500 Elevation, Loop.  We’ll be hiking the harder sections and running the downhills.  Speed hiking at its finest. The Comus … Read more

Seven Sweethearts Even Cover

Seven Sweethearts WOD

Join us for a week’s worth of workouts starting February 4, 2021 with our main event Saturday, February 12 at 11AM-1:00PM. The Seven Sweetheart WOD takes 7 Classic Girls Workouts and combines them into one heart-pounding workout. After the WOD, join us for complimentary hot chocolate and potluck.

Port City

Port City Happy Hour

After completing the Seven Sweethearts WOD, let’s meet at the Port City Brewery to celebrate our triumph completion and to share the battle stories of the WOD.

WakeField 10 Mile Trail Run & Margaritas

Our Wakefield trail run features 3 different trails to choose from.  You can run 5 miles, 6.5 miles, or the full 10 miles.  Wakefield is close to Alexandria. 90% dirt trails, some challenging terrain.

Trail Running

Lake Accotink Park

4 Mile Recovery Run at Lake Accotink Park. Trail features a mixture of pavement and dirt terrain. Minimal elevation change. Great beginner run.

Potomac Heritage Trail Run

Potomac Heritage Trail 11 Mile Run 11.6 Miles. Out and Back style trail run. Out and back runs are great because they allow new runners to easily shorten the distance … Read more

Wounded Warrior Project Team Workout

Sand and Steel is hosting a workout for Wounded Warrior Project Members. As with all of our workouts, we’ll feature warmups, instruction, and modifications to make this workout a safe and approachable experience for everyone attending.

Volunteer to Help Reconfigure the Gym (1920 × 1080 px)

Volunteer to Help Reconfigure the Gym

We are ordering some new equipment for our CrossFit Class and our upcoming Powerlifting & Mobility Class. But we need your help to prepare the gym so that we will have a place to install it. Basically, we need to move some equipment around in the gym to free up some space. We have specialized equipment to make moving the gear easier, but we’ll still need a few people to move everything safely.

We’ll be providing sandwiches and snacks for everyone during the event so you can keep your strength up!

Fountainhead Hoard - Roberts Loop

Fountainhead Trail Run

Join us this Sunday at Fountainhead Regional Park for your first trail run. Fountainhead features some of the best trails in the DC area and we have assembled 4 different level trails so that runners of all levels will have a great run. Plus all runners who complete their “target distance” win a 10% off coupon for all Sand & Steel Apparel.

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