Rent Massage Space Alexandria VA

Professional and private massage therapy room available for rent in Old Town Alexandria.  If you are looking to Rent Massage Space in Alexandria VA, this is the place to check out.  We offer free or discounted rents with massage trades, access to our client network to help you get started, plus utilities and taxes included.

Are you looking to rent space for massage?  We have various options for rental agreement from hourly rates to monthly rental agreements.

  • All utilities included (electric, water, trash)
  • No extra taxes or surcharges
  • No buildout or move-in work needed.

We have a whole gym of clients looking for a masseuse to rent massage space in our Alexandria VA location.  The room offers ample storage space such as mini fridge and a desk.  We also have a spa-grade shower your clients can use.

Rates for Rent Massage Space Alexandria VA

Rental price for the room is $40/day + $300 security deposit.  If you are interested, please give us a call.  703-854-9960

Advantages of Renting Massage Space

We run a very busy personal training studio with hundreds of different clients.  From the therapeutic benefits of medical massage to improved recovery times.  We are ideally looking for masseuse that generate some of his or her own clients to help our physical therapy and personal training practice.

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