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Personal Trainer Service Alexandria.  Sand & Steel has been in business providing a personal training service in Alexandria, VA for 4 years.  That’s nearly 5000 thousand clients with over 30,000 hours of personal training experience.  Dawn and Paul built Sand & Steel to provide a safe and effective alternative to conventional CrossFit and large franchise gyms.  We take our personal trainer service in Alexandria to the next level through integrating physical therapy techniques, mobility training, and flexibility in your session.  Feeling too tight for deadlifts?  We can mobilize that.  Back getting sore on squats?  We can fix that too.  At Sand & Steel we work as a team.  In a given a session, you might have two or three coaches working together to help you.  Our personal training service is superior because you get the wisdom of all of the coaches who have ever trained at Sand & Steel.

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Personal Trainer Service Alexandria Trial Sessions? We offer a Starter Pack which includes personal training, Inbody Scans, a nutrition consult, and more.

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If you have hired a personal trainer before, you know it can be difficult to schedule your personal trainer sessions, especially in a busy area like Alexandria, VA.  Sand & Steel has both a client portal and a mobile app that streamlines the process.  You can literally book or cancel sessions in 3 mouse clicks.

60 Minute Personal Trainer Service Alexandria

A real personal training session takes 60 minutes minimum.  Any other gym in our area, such as Onelife Fitness, Fitness Together, Fit One, etc., offer shorter 45 minute sessions. In our experience, you cannot cover all the aspects of warm-up, mobility, skills, and training in 45 minutes.  Our Personal Trainer Service starts with a dynamic skills-based warm-up, then we scale the workout based on how well you are moving that day.  We’ll help you mobilize and actuate and muscles that aren’t moving well.  We’ll reinforce the technique needed to accomplish the exercises safely as you complete your workout.  The last 5-10 minutes are spent on mobility and corrective exercises.  I’m sorry but you can’t get all that done in 45 minutes.  The moment you need to start to making modifications to a workout, you are going to have to cut the workout short.  And that’s hurts the client’s progress.

Get Steel Strong: VIP Service

Get Steel Strong Square ChalkThe trainer-client relationship is the heart of the Get Steel Strong System.  This is our VIP program where your coach (Dawn or Paul) is going to be in contact with you at all times.  Our signature package,the Get Steel Strong System, provides you with 8 Personal Training Sessions, 2 Nutrition Sessions, and 2 InBody Sessions per month.  Through this system of maintaining accountability and modifying your diet in concert with your programming, we can help you lose weight.  This program has worked for every single client we have ever had.  If you are serious about improving your performance or losing 30-60 pounds, the Get Steel Strong Service is the best personal trainer service in Alexandria.

Our Personal Trainer Service Locations

We proudly service Alexandria, VA and Mount Vernon residents with our professional studio in Old Town.  Sand & Steel Fitness also offers their personal trainer service to resident of Falls Church and Fairfax including the towns of Fair Lakes, Fair Oaks, Burke, Centreville and Chantilly. We look forward to working with you!

Our Personal Trainer Service Alexandria

We are the number one ranked Personal Trainer Studio on Google Maps, Yelp, and Facebook.  Check out our reviews, and you will see why.  Premium customer service and individualized/customized workouts plans have been the hallmarks of our brand.  More than that, we strongly emphasize improving movement quality so that you can move better in our studio, but also in everyday life.

The City of Alexandria

The City of Alexandria is considered an independent city in Virginia and is located a few miles from Washington DC. Old Town is our home, and it’s historic roots are evident in our gym.  With amazing shops and restaurants, you’ll have plenty to do before and after your workout.

If you’re looking for some exercise, your best bet is to explore the Old Town area. There are many historical sites located nearby all within walking distance. It might be worthwhile to check out an attraction site like trip advisor to see what the top 10 sites are if you are planning to take a trip in. Our clients love to day trip into Alexandria and many will take the metro in and get off at the king street station in Old Town Alexandria.

One of the most popular parks with our Alexandria clients is Cameron Run Regional Park. This park has a miniature golf course, water slides and a wave pool and is great fun for families and kids during the hot summer months here in Virginia!  Along the Water Front are great running trails where you can take in the sites of Old Town, while you burn off a few extra calories.

Sand & Steel Fitness provides a personal trainer service to many residents of Alexandria, Virginia.  We also service the entire Northern Virginia area (NOVA). We offer programs in powerlifting, Olympic lifting, kettlebell programs, weight loss, hypertrophy and more.  Our programs are custom built and scaled to you, so whatever style of personal training you need, we will deliver.

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