Better Programming.  Better Results.
We provide customized personal training based on your fitness level, mobility, and existing injuries.  We track every client’s workout in a workout binder, and all coaches work as a team for your benefit.   We help people lose weight, overcome chronic illnesses, and get into the best shape of their lives.
With the help of our diagnostic testing, we’ll place you into one of our 40 different programs, and scale that program to your level.  RKC style, HIIT, weight-loss, Power Lifting, CrossFit style, etc.  Our Benchmark process figures out the best program for you.
In addition to personal training, we offer Mobility services, Muscle Activation Techniques, and Nutrition Counseling services to further improve your results.  For over 3 years, we have been successful at helping clients transform their bodies.  To date we have trained 525 clients with 14,395 pounds of fat burned, and 4635 pounds of muscle added.  Our average 3-month weight loss is 24 pounds of fat, and 7 pounds of muscle gained.

Professional Grade Personal Training

Workout Safer, Build Mobility, and Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

CoreFit Unleashed

Core and Abs Hypertrophy

Commit and Conquer

Total Body Strength & Conditioning


Mobility and Weight Loss

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XT60: Custom Personal Training Programming 

Over 40 Different Personal Training Programs (More than 600 complete workouts), plus the Tools and Experience to Place You Into the Best Program For Your Fitness Level. 

Level 1 Functional Strength:  Difficulty: Absolute beginner.  Programming: designed for people who are totally out of shape and want to get their body into shape to move and feel better. Primary purpose is to protect the body (durability) from sports injuries.  Program strengthens Glutes, Core, Grip, and Shoulders.

Level 1 Weight Loss:  Difficulty: Beginner.  Programming: designed for people who have done a little bit on their own (or finished the Level 1 Functional Strength Program.)  Programs primary goal is weight loss with a secondary emphasis on Glutes, Core, Grip, and Shoulders.

Level 2:  Difficulty: Advanced Beginner.  Introduces more complex movements to build balance and confidence in lifts.

Level 3:  Difficulty: Intermediate.  Tough workouts focused on the Glute and Core.  Build upper body through Dumbbell and Barbell Movements

Transformation Series I, II, and III

Transformation Series I: Difficulty: Intermediate.  This is the program that put us on the map!  See a full preview on our workouts page.  Tested by over 500 hundred athletes: our transformation programming is second to none.  Strength Training, CoreFit, Cardio Training, and CrossFit metabolic conditioning to provide total body transformation (builds muscle and burn fat.)

Transformation Series II: Difficulty: Advanced.  Tougher movements with increased focus on grip strength and balance.  Expect some tough CrossFit Workouts, Some Killer (and we mean killer) core workouts, and use of Club Bells and Vipers for Conditioning.

Transformation Series III: Difficulty: Rockstar.  Boxing Workouts, Gymnastics Metcons, and Landmine Workouts combine deliver our stage III transformation program.

Functional Strength Training Series I and II: Mixes strength training, CrossFit, Core Training, and Grip Training to provide a varied program of strength training.  This program helps improve coordination, and is excellent for someone who gets bored in more conventional routines.

5/3/1 PowerLifting: uses the 5/3/1 volume and frequency method for the Squats, Bench, Deadlift, and press to provide rapid strength improvements.

WestSide “Conjugate” Strength Training: uses the Westside method to build strength through the use of band and chain resisted movements. 4 day cycle involving two max effort days, and 2 dynamic effort days

Hypertrophy: means building muscle, and it requires specific movements, time under tension, and volume to be the most effective.

Twice a Week BodyBuilder: Uses lower and upperbody splits to get the most of out of your two days in the gym.

Super Mass: featuring tried and true bodybuilding methods with some unique twists to increase the challenge, such as the overwarmup, 3-50 sets, and 50% sets, the Super Mass Program will redefine how you lift, and make you better.

Fundamentals of Bodybuilding: Optimized for people who want to increase muscle size and can train 3 times per week.

Paul’s Python Program: Paul did the impossible and integrated CrossFit Gymnastics into a Body Building program.  It’s an advanced program with 100% of movement dedicated to building size.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss: Advanced Metcon Series:

Difficulty: Intermediate.  Get Ready to Shred.  This is our CrossFit and CoreFit blended metabolic conditioning series.  You’ll sweat… a lot.  Nonstop calories burning for 60 minutes.

Roberts Strength and Conditioning: Uses Every Minute on the Minute timing for three complex movements (e.g. Snatches, Bench, etc.) to provide massive gains in strength.  Each workout finishes with an 10-12 minute AMRAP.  This is the Roberts Strength and Conditioning System, you better be ready to bring it.

Our Injured Athlete Programming is designed to keep you making gains even when you have an injury.  We partner with some of the best physical therapists and chiropracters to bring these workout systems.  The time you really need a coach is when you are recovering from a surgery or injury and that’s where our customized programming shines.  Sample Programs include:

  • Knee Recovery Series
  • Shoulder Strength Training
  • Shoulder Mobility
  • No Shoulder Workouts
  • One Hand Workouts
  • Core Recovery and Postpartum Workouts

CrossFit Gymnastics: Toes to Bar, Hand Stand Walks, Ring Muscle-ups, and more.  If it’s in the CrossFit Games, we can do it.  Rings, Parallettes, and More.  No experience necessary.

Transformation Series I-III
Functional Strength Training I-II
Westside “Conjugate” Strength Training I-IV
Level I – Functional Strength
Level I – Weight Loss
Level II
Level III Anderson Glute and Core
CoreFit – TRX Suspension and Rip Training
CrossFit Gymnastics
Weight Loss: Advanced Metcon Series

Hypertrophy: 2 Day Body Builder I-III
Hypertrophy: Super Mass
Hypertrophy: Fundamentals Bodybuilding
Hypertrophy: The Python Program I-IV
Roberts Strength and Conditioning I-VII
Injured Athlete Series
Hand & Shoulder Injury
Knee Injury Series
Total Body Blaster
5/3/1 Power Lifting System

Hotel Workouts- Gym Series
Hotel Workouts- Room Series
Grip Master Series
Shoulder Strength Series
Shoulder Mobility Series
Leg Prehab
Balance Series

Great Personal Trainers bring a vast amount of knowledge to the table. Their knowledge helps design and safely implement the right program.

Most people get injured in CrossFit and other training methods because the training protocol is inherently unbalanced. We go to great lengths in terms of testing and programming to minimize imbalances so you get stronger safely.

With an in depth movement assessment, we can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. There is no guess work in your programming as this assessment is the first thing we do. We then take you through the same assessment to ensure we are targeting the right area.

If you have a muscle weakness, we’ll build exercises to strengthen that muscle using isolation exercises. Overcome previous imbalances from running or cycling an unleash your full potential.

We keep a workout log for you, so we can observe your progress improvement, know which weights and rest periods are appropriate, and provide you with objective evidence of your improvement.

Our eyes are on you. We create a safe environment and ensure that all workouts are scaled appropriately for you.

Do ever find yourself going through the motions of a workout?  Our trainers will ensure that you stay on task and moving throughout your workout. We take the thinking out of it so you can focus on pushing yourself.

When you have an important meeting you schedule your life to accommodate it. This is the same with training; you might be able to skip workouts with yourself, but it is a lot harder when you know someone is waiting on you

Your personal training plan is just that YOURS. Based on your goals, we construct primary and secondary objectives (e.g. improve right shoulder mobility and lose 20 pounds of body fat) to customize your training protocol. No two clients are alike.

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** Statistics as of June 2016.