Better Programming.  Better Results.
We provide customized personal training based on your fitness level, mobility, and existing injuries.  We track every client’s workout in a workout binder, and all coaches work as a team for your benefit.   We help people lose weight, overcome chronic illnesses, and get into the best shape of their lives.
With the help of our diagnostic testing, we’ll place you into one of our 40 different programs, and scale that program to your level.  RKC style, HIIT, weight-loss, Power Lifting, CrossFit style, etc.  Our Benchmark process figures out the best program for you.

Power Lifting

Westside, Texas Method, 5/3/1,


Mobility and Weight Loss

Professional Grade Personal Training

Workout Safer, Build Mobility, and Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

CoreFit Unleashed

Core and Abs Hypertrophy

Commit and Conquer

Total Body Strength & Conditioning

Custom Personal Training Programming 

Over 40 Different Personal Training Programs (More than 600 complete workouts), plus the Tools and Experience to Place You Into the Best Program. 

Great Personal Trainers bring a vast amount of knowledge to the table. Their knowledge helps design and safely implement the right program.

Most people get injured in CrossFit and other training methods because the training protocol is inherently unbalanced. We go to great lengths in terms of testing and programming to minimize imbalances so you get stronger safely.

With an in depth movement assessment, we can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. There is no guess work in your programming as this assessment is the first thing we do. We then take you through the same assessment to ensure we are targeting the right area.

If you have a muscle weakness, we’ll build exercises to strengthen that muscle using isolation exercises. Overcome previous imbalances from running or cycling an unleash your full potential.

We keep a workout log for you, so we can observe your progress improvement, know which weights and rest periods are appropriate, and provide you with objective evidence of your improvement.

Our eyes are on you. We create a safe environment and ensure that all workouts are scaled appropriately for you.

Do ever find yourself going through the motions of a workout?  Our trainers will ensure that you stay on task and moving throughout your workout. We take the thinking out of it so you can focus on pushing yourself.

When you have an important meeting you schedule your life to accommodate it. This is the same with training; you might be able to skip workouts with yourself, but it is a lot harder when you know someone is waiting on you

Your personal training plan is just that YOURS. Based on your goals, we construct primary and secondary objectives (e.g. improve right shoulder mobility and lose 20 pounds of body fat) to customize your training protocol. No two clients are alike.