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Sand & Steel's Blog Covers Fitness, Mobility, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and Corrective Exercises. Our blogs feature original videos, striking photos, and succinct well-written content. Content that helps our readers make the most out their personal training sessions, and reach new goals with their health and personal fitness. When you guest blog for us, you not only represent yourself, you represent us.

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Health Write For Us Standards

These Standards apply for Sponsored Guests Posts on Health and Fitness Only.  If you are purchasing to a Do-Follow Link or Full Service Guest Post, don’t worry about this section.

Fitness Write For Us Guidelines
Your guest blog post reflects on our brand and our business.  While there are may website that accept guest posts, when you write for us on health or fitness, we expect something powerful. We expect to learn something new, the information better be researched, and it better be well-written with original videos and pictures.
  • Acceptable Resolutions: 1200 x 630; 1200 x 900; 600 x 600.  Online Cropping Tool. 
  • Max image size is 100k.  Compression tool like Short Pixel
  • If you are using an image gallery all images need to be same resolution.
  • Original images only that you took yourself (no stock photography permitted.) 
  • All articles must have at least one image.
  • At least a thousand words covering a properly scoped project.
  • A project is defined by the keyword phrase your want the article to rank for.
  • Your article should contain some originally organized content (video, infographic, spreadsheet, etc.)  Something valuable enough that it would want to a personal trainer share it on facebook, etc.  
  • All content must be original may only appear on Sand & Steel’s site.  If you’d like to have it appear on your site as well, you’ll need a canonical tag indicating Sand & Steel as the original source.

There is no need to get pre-approval for a suggested topic or an outline.  If the blog post is on Health and Fitness and meets our requirements, we’ll publish it.

Generally, we will do a one-pass review of your post.  If it’s a weak self-promotional post, don’t expect we’ll publish it. 

Not all articles are published.  Some people write poor articles that we can’t publish.  If accepted, articles are generally published within a week of submission.

If your Sponsored Guest Post is rejected, we’ll either send you some suggested revisions, or we will refund your purchase minus a 20% processing fee.

Sand & Steel will own the complete copyright in your content (writing and media.)  You grant a perpetual, nonrevokable license to Sand & Steel to share, edit, revise, distribute any of the articles you submit.  All work you submit must be original content and media.

We will share your content if you share it on your social media channels.  Tag @sandandsteelfitness so we are notified.

If you own or work for a link building service, the Sponsored Guest Post probably won’t be a good fit for you.  However, the Do-Follow Link or the Full Service Guest post options will work.

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