Brute Force Sandbag Exercise Equipment

An in-depth review of the Brute Force Sandbag Exercise Equipment + access to our full database on Sandbag Exercises.  We’ll be reviewing the Brute Force Brand Sandbag and comparing it to its close competitors Ultimate Sandbag and the Rogue Sandbag.  Our Exercise Database features exercises and techniques (over 15 videos).  Finally, we cover one of our favorite workouts 📺 using the Brute Force Sandbag.
Brute Force Sandbag Exercise Equipment The Brute Force Sandbag is our favorite brands of sandbags.  We use it provide dynamic resistance in conditioning workouts and to build functional strength. Brute Force SandbagsBrute Forces makes a number of different products, but their main product for many years has been their basic Sandbag.  New additions to their fleet of equipment are a kettlebell sandbell and a cool graphic printed line called Kryptec (just much cooler looking.)  However, there are some things that are very hard to improve, and Brute Force’s design on their Sandbags is one of them.  I’ve had several of these bags for years, and we’ve never had one break or even really get worn down.  They are a very versatile piece of equipment, with many possible exercises you can do.  They will never replace equipment like the barbell for strength, dumbbells for bodybuilding, or the kettlebell for conditioning.  But they are very good for is make body weight exercises more challenging.  You can use them for squats, jump squats, plyo lunges, etc.  Imagine doing that with a barbell. BruteForce Sandbags have a “grittyness” to their design.  The handles feel gritty and their weight distribution is uneven.  While they are marketed as being easily filled and adjusted, for a gym owner… that’s not really the case.  Yes you can change the amount of sand in them, but that not really practical on a daily basis.  At Sand & Steel, we have about 12 of them, starting at 20 pounds (the minis) and they go up to about 60 pounds.  For most women, the mini-mouse version (that’s the small one) will be sufficient.  Most men will want to start with the 40 pound model.  Much like dumbbells, some exercises require heavier or lighter bags.  So if you only buy one bag, your options will be more limited.

Brute Force Sandbag Exercise Equipment

BruteForce has two main competitors in the Sandbag equipment manufacturing business.  Rogue Fitness (who seems to copy everyone) and Ultimate Sandbag.  The Rogue bags are very similar to Brute Force, but they lack a couple of the key handles.  You’ll use these handles.  I can’t really suggest a reason to choose Rogue over Brute Force here.  Rogue knows this and a quick search of Brute Force Sandbags on Google brings up Rogue’s Sandbags as the number one hit on Google Adwords. Ultimate Sandbags are even less useful.  They have these rubberized handles which are designed to make grasping the bag easier.  In the practice though, one could wear gloves if they have delicate hands.  The plastic/rubbery handles are more likely to cause minor bruising when you perform exercises like shoulder carries and cleans.

Brute Force Sandbag Aggregate Rating 58/100

Summary of the Brute Force Sandbag Exercise Equipment

Best uses:
  • Excellent for dynamic and plyometric movements.
  • Fun for cleans (there are several kinds you can do.)
  • Useful for plank drags.
Similar Equipment
  • The Hyperwear Sandbell can be used for many of the same exercises.
  • The versatile Dynamax Medicine Ball can also be used in place of a sandbag
  • The Vipr (while even more expensive) closely replicates nearly all the sandbag exercise without hurting the hands.

Summary Review of the Brute Force Sandbag Exercise Equipment

The Brute Force Sandbag (and the Rogue and Ultimate Sandbags) are really accessories that are good in providing variety in a conditioning program.  They are super fun to use but aren’t something we’d consider vital to a successful gym or exercise program.  They are very useful in a bootcamp setting since they are nearly invincible to damage.  They can simulate a lot of exercises more conventionally done with the Vipr, Dynamax, and Sandbell  ⚠ We highly recommend using a weight belt with the Sandbag. The inherent design of the Sandbag positions the weight in front of you. Having the weight in front of you can make your lower back sore. Thus a weight belt can go a long way towards preventing this soreness.

Sample Workout with Brute Force Sandbag Exercise Equipment

Functional Power Sandbag Workout

Great weight loss workout focusing on using the Brute Force Sandbag as the main piece of exercise equipment

RepsExerciseRX WeightComments
20Sandbag Plyosquats50Maintain pelvis control
12Sandbag Clean and Press50None
20Sandbag Shouldering30Works better with a heavy medball, but a sandbag works sufficiently
30Sandbag Shoveling50Maintain the bag away from your body. Works core.
20Abmat Situps30Can be done with or without a Sandbag

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