Naked Protein Pea Protein Review

Considering buying Pea Protein from Naked Nutrition?  Marketing Manager Melissa sent a 30 day supply.  We used the whole container, and here’s what we think of Naked’s Pea Protein Powder.

Pea Protein Powder by Naked Nutrition

Naked Protein Powder can be taken any time.  Since it is a Pea Protein, it is a slower digesting protein than whey isolate for example.  One of the benefits of using Pea Protein is that it doesn’t have the inflammatory response that is associated with whey concentrate or soy.  Chances of being allergic to pea protein powder is exceeding low.  Pea Protein powder also has a lower glycemic index than whey concentrate.

As Pea Protein’s Powders go, Naked Nutrition is about as pure as you can get.  Nothing added, nothing removed.  100% Quality Protein.

Reviewed and Tested by Dawn Anderson

Is Naked Pea Protein a Good Alternative?

There are several kinds of Vegetarian Proteins on the market.  Pea Protein, Brown Rice, Soy Protein, Cranberry Protein, Hemp Protein, even Cricket Protein (yes it’s made from bugs.)  Most vegetarian proteins are blended proteins in that they contain a mixture of protein powders.  Particularly, the cheaper vegetarian protein powders contain more brown rice and soy because they are cheaper to manufacture.

Naked Protein Reviewed

💲 10/10 Excellent Value for Protein

🍰 8/10 Taste — best tasting Pea Protein We have Tried

🍸 10/10 Dissovability — basically instant

Naked Nutrition’s is 100% Pea Protein.  What is unique about Naked Nutrition’s Pea Protein is that it is Pea Protein and nothing else.  It contains no artificial colors or flavors.   Since it contains no artificial or added flavors, it pretty much tastes like nothing.  That could be good or bad based on your perspective.  If you are cutting for a bodybuilding show or competition it’s great.  Naked Nutrition left it up to the consumer to add flavoring as needed (Paul likes to add chocolate powder.  I take mine straight up with my Green’s+ Powder.)

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