Dawn Anderson Womens Strength Training

CrossFit, Mobility, and Personal Training Certifications


  1. Muscle Activation Techniques: Corrective Exercise and Therapy
  2. National Council on Strength and Fitness: Certified Personal Trainer
  3. RKC Russian Kettlebell Club: Strength & Conditioning
  4. TRX Suspension Training: Core and Bodyweight
  5. CrossFit Level 2: Weight loss and Metabolic Training
  6. CrossFit Powerlifting: Strength Training
  7. CrossFit Flexibility: Range of Motion and Flexibility
  8. CrossFit Scaling Course: Progressions and Regressions for Weight Lifting
  9. CrossFit Lesson Planning: Effective Techniques for Structuring Workouts
  10. CrossFit Pose Running: How to Spot Faults in Running Technique
  11. CrossFit Spot the Flaw: How to Spot Faults in Gymnastics and Weight Lifting Technique
  12. RockTape FMT Performance and Basic: Functional Movement Techniques & Advanced Kinetic Taping
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