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Beyond Stretch is based on FRC, Kinstretch, FMS, and the Ready State Mobility Programs.  This class builds flexibility, strength, and helps prevent injuries caused by muscle imbalances.

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Beyond Stretch is the kind of training that professional dancers and gymnasts use to improve their control and range motion.  Based on FRC, Kinstretch, & ReadyState, Beyond Stretch improves passive and active flexibility.  Beyond stretch is specifically designed to help you improve your mobility for CrossFit. All skill levels are welcome. Beyond Stretch improves your balance and resistance to injury by targeting the muscles that your everyday activities cannot.

Meet Your Beyond Stretch Instructors

Paul is a certified Kinstretch Coach, certified Ready State Mobility Coach, Yoga Teacher, and CrossFit Level 2 coach. If you want to move and perform better in CrossFit, this is the class to take.

Ira is a senior Yoga and Mobility Coach.  She has been teaching yoga for over ten years and regularly teaches Beyond Stretch at Sand & Steel.

What is Beyond Stretch?

Our Beyond Stretch is an in-person and online fitness class that helps you improve your range of motion and active control through the range of motion. Our Beyond Stretch classes draw on Kinstretch, FRC, and ReadyState mobility systems to provide you the most effective class mobility training available.  Our Beyond Stretch Classes are broken down into three class variations:

  1. Hips, Knees, Ankles, Feet & Toes
  2. Spine, Scapulate, and Neck
  3. Shoulder, Elbows, Wrists, Hands, and Fingers.

Focus on the areas you need or take all three to improve your strength and range of motion for CrossFit, Powerlifting, Running and Yoga.

Beyond Stretch Class

Take your stretching practice to the next level as our Masters of Mobility lead you through Sand and Steel’s Mobility Class.  We will systematically decouple lazy firing patterns, and stop muscle compensations so that you can get your joints and muscles moving properly.  Learn new stretches, lengthen your muscles, and move better. Chronic pains and weaknesses will begin to fade as your body starts to regain its range of motion that has been lost to misuse and none use.

Beyond Stretch

The Beyond Stretch Class is a Workout for Your Brain and your Body

Your brain is going to feel it.  Build new neural patterns and mind-muscle connections to get stronger.

Feel better, move better, and reclaim your entire range motion. If you want to get strong… strength begins with full range of motion.

What Are Kinstretch “Base” Poses?

Kinstretch Base Poses featured in Beyond Stretch

What are Kinstretch CARS?

CARS Controlled Articular Rotations

What Kind of Stretches do You Do in the Beyond Stretch Classes?

Kinstrech Training Principles in Beyond Stretch

Sample Beyond Stretch Workout

CARS: 5 Minutes

  • Neck Cars
  • Thoracic Cars
  • Lumbar Cars
  • Hip Cars
  • Shin Cars
  • Ankle Cars

90/90 POSE with left leg front– 10 Minutes

  • 90/90 Passive Stretch Stretch (sternum faces Right Rear Leg)
  • 90/90 Passive Stretch PAILS RRL
  • 90/90 Passive Stretch RAILS RRL
  • 90/90 kinetic stretch with left leg in front, pulling upper body down, pushing upper body back up (doing this kinetic stretch exercise for about 1-2 min)
  • 90/90 kinetic stretch towards LRL, rotation
    90/90 fold over, passive stretch, hold for 30 seconds. Shake it out, switch sides
  • 90/90 passive range lift off, lift arms off and hold90/90 POSE with right leg front– 10 Minutes

90/90 Passive Stretch Stretch (sternum faces left rear Leg)

  • 90/90 Passive Stretch PAILS LRL
  • 90/90 Passive Stretch RAILS LRL
  • 90/90 kinetic stretch with right leg in front, pulling upper body down, pushing upper body back up (doing this kinetic stretch exercise for about 1-2 min)
  • 90/90 kinetic stretch towards RRL, rotation
  • 90/90 fold over, passive stretch, hold for 30 seconds.
  • 90/90 passive range lift off, lift arms off and hold

Butterfly- Groin mobility, improving hip abduction – 8 Minutes

  • Passive stretch, pressing thighs down with elbows
  • PAILS and RAILS in butterfly (trying to close legs, arms push back, then drawing knees down)
  • Kinstretch in butterfly

Spine – 12 Minutes

  • Thoracic Spine Extension PAILS, RAILS
  • Neck PAILS, RAILS – left and right

Benefits of the Beyond Class

Beyond Stretch combines the best of yoga, mobility, and functional range conditioning, into a dynamic movement class.

Beyond Stretch Class Program WOD 1500

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4 reviews for Beyond Stretch Class

  1. 5 out of 5

    Grant Ty

    Sand and Steel Fitness is a great gym with an excellent coaching staff. Paul has incredible knowledge to help you with any mobility problems you have. He is also capable of designing a program that fits your needs and goals specifically. I really his Kinstretch Class, but I prefer to book him for Owner’s training since it’s one on one.

    Dawn is an excellent programmer as well, she is able to create strength programs spanning the spectrum of novice to the experienced weight lifter. Overall their coaching staff is professional, kind, and highly experienced.

    The amount of equipment they have is amazing allowing one to train every muscle in the body, even the ones you never thought you had! If you are looking for a gym to help motivate you to work out Sand and Steel is your gym! If you just reached a plateau and want to ascend to the next level, you should stop in and see Paul or Dawn!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Mike H.

    After hearing my wife tell me all about her workouts for the last year, I decided to join her at Sand & Steel. My first two weeks was a great introduction. The gym tour and orientation were good for learning about all the types of sessions offered including nutrition, yoga, and mobility. The InBody scan provided useful insights and motivation. I had the opportunity to work out with several different trainers in the first few sessions. Each has his/her own approach, but the workouts are still tailored to each client’s fitness goals and overall training plan. Also common across the workouts is a focus on learning proper form. This was super important to me for taking on new exercises and for working problem areas (for me this means areas where I have old injuries, weakness, or imbalances).
    Choosing your trainer is a feature of the online scheduling – you choose a time slot, trainer, and session type from those available on the calendar. It’s easy to navigate and schedule your sessions as you are planning out your week, especially if your schedule varies.
    I feel comfortable asking any of the trainers their opinions and recommendations both about specific details related to my workouts and about general fitness and nutrition. I also like the sense of community that I feel at Sand & Steel.

  3. 5 out of 5

    E. Damp

    I’ve been in northern Virginia for a bit over a year now, and started researching personal trainers ironically about a month before COVID-19 shut everything down. I wasn’t new to working out, gyms, and figured I had decent fundamentals after years of push-ups being drilled into me. But, after a couple years of persistent pain that even a couple months of rest couldn’t solve, I decided to get serious. I never really considered a personal trainer before, even at the big box gyms with several thousand square feet of equipment and space. I also tried Crossfit a couple times at a place near me in my former state and was honestly not very impressed. That Box gave about a 30min intro on techniques, and never really monitored closely for proper form – it was all about the time!
    I was considering two main gyms in the Alexandria area for personal training, to address my lingering pain issues. Fast forward to when gyms started to re-open as COVID-19 restrictions started to relax. Sand and Steel was one, and another which I won’t name. When I first set up my intro appointment with Paul, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I assumed it was mostly a Crossfit gym that did some other stuff. But the main reason I wanted to go check them out was because the website mentioned core strength and mobility, which is what I felt I needed. After talking with Paul, he was very confident that they were very capable of addressing my fitness needs. We looked over the list of services, and I committed to Personal Training and Open Gym to start out with. Though Open Gym was something I cancelled fairly early, after realizing it didn’t mesh with my schedule too well right now (the cancellation process was a breeze).
    I’m now entering my third month and am very satisfied with selecting Sand and Steel. I am steadily making progress on my goals and have noticed improvements and reduction in pain. I’ve made a point to have a session with each of the trainers, to get a feel for each person’s way of instruction. Everyone has a different style, so I wanted to compare and contrast. Fortunately, all the trainers are really great – there are some slight differences in how they break down movements. But consistent across every trainer was their focus on proper form, and then providing any variety of variations if one movement was too difficult, or you already hit fatigue. Even the pushup, which I assumed would have been perfect after years of doing them, needed to be tweaked so I could better protect my shoulders. That was honestly a little humbling 😊 I even did a training session with Paul, who seems to know any number of ways to get you to muscle fatigue! And the private yoga sessions with Ira were definitely helpful for someone with very limited yoga experience. My wife has done yoga much more than I, and absolutely loves Ira’s yoga classes!
    This is all a very verbose way of saying you need to go to Sand and Steel! Whether it is for personal training, classes, or yoga, they have a great program that is tailored to YOU.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Nathan M.

    Paul is a miracle worker and the rest of his team is awesome as well. I went to Paul because of some lower back mobility issues and he came up with a program that really got results. Obviously you need to put in the work but if you do you will be rewarded.

    Also, the steps Paul has taken to make the gym safe during this pandemic are fantastic. You still need to show good judgment but if everyone works together it feels safe and stress free allowing you to focus on your fitness goals.

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