Shoulder Taps CrossFit Gymnastics WOD

Shoulder Taps CrossFit — a great scaling option for handstand pushups (HSPU). The CrossFit Shoulder Taps build shoulder and hip stability. Videos + Writeup.

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Let’s Do This!

The Shoulder Tap CrossFit Gymnastics Workout

YouTube video

Sand & Steel CrossFit’s Workout of the Day for September 3 is a scaled version of CrossFit 190826

For 20 minutes:
• 10 Deadlifts
• 10 Shoulder Taps in Handstand

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Scoring the Shoulder Tap CrossFit Workout

Multiply your deadlift load by the number of rounds rounds completed.  That’s your score in points.  So if you complete 10 rounds in 20 minutes and you use 150 pounds your score is 1500 points.

Perfecting the Deadlift in CrossFit Powerlifting

We are working on a comprehensive Powerlifting tutorial on the deadlift.  In the meanwhile, please enjoy our videos from our workout.

YouTube video

Scaling the Shoulder Tap CrossFit Workout

Scaling the deadlift weight. Recommend that you select ~ 50% of your one rep max for deadlift.
Scaling the Shoulder Tap in Handstand. Plank taps, Plyo box taps, & wrist taps are suitable variations.

The Shoulder Tap vs the Handstand Pushup

CrossFit originally scaled this workout using strict handstand pushups.  That’s great for professional gymnasts and Matt Fraser, but for the rest of us.  130 handstand pushups in 20 minutes is a bit much.  So we are scaling to the shoulder tap.

YouTube video

What is the CrossFit Shoulder Tap?

Videos are worth a thousand words, so check out both our video on the box supported shoulder tap, wall shoulder tap, and plank shoulder taps.  Your Sand & Steel Personal Trainer will help you find an appropriately challenging scaling.  Ever tried TRX Shoulder taps?  They are the devil.  😈

YouTube video

Why the Shoulder Tap CrossFit Progression?

Walking on the hands or handstand walks is a very common skill tested in CrossFit workouts.  Being able to hold a handstand and walk one’s hands is a great measure of one’s fitness.  Generally, we test new personal trainers and CrossFit coaches with a handstand walk as part of our new hiring process.

The handstand shoulder tap takes shoulder stability and weight control to a new level.  Having to shift one’s weight back and forth makes the handstand more mentally engaging (vs just standing on your hands.)  The CrossFit shoulder tap also alerts the athlete about any shoulder imbalances.

The TRX Plank Shoulder Tap

The TRX Plank Shoulder tap is just as challenging, it’s just different.  If you want to transfer a lot of the work to your core, the TRX Shoulder tap (or Bosu shoulder tap) provides an excellent scaling variation.

Paul’s Specific Warm-up for the Handstand Shoulder Tap Workout

3 Rounds

  • 10 Deadlifts at 35% ORM
  • 8 GHD Hip and Back Extensions
  • 20 Deadbugs
  • Overhead Mobility Drills to assist in shoulder flexion.  E.g. block assisted child’s pose

A Word of Caution on this CrossFit Workout

This is a high volume day.  100+ deadlifts will irritate your back if your deadlift technique isn’t honed in.  Keep your core, glutes, shoulders tight.  Every… single… rep.

Our Scores on this CrossFit Workout

  • Dawn: 1425 points
  • Paul: 1755 points
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