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Personal Training sessions may be used to book any type of session: Personal Training, Boxing, Yoga, Nutrition, Mobility, etc.  Your personal training program in Alexandria VA will be designed according to your goals and fitness level.   We will customize your program to help you move better, lose weight, build strength, etc.   We build our programs to improve your health first.  Looking better is a byproduct a healthy, good-moving body.  We work seniors & older adults, Retired Military, and people that need to lose 100+ pounds.  We specialize in helping people with mobility restrictions and previous injuries.  Weight loss programs, powerlifting, strength training for runners, we do it all.

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Personal Training Built Around How you Move

Personal Training sessions may be used to book personal training, boxing, yoga, nutrition, mobility, etc. It’s one session to rule them all. 🙂  Sand and Steel’s boutique personal trainer and yoga studio is equipped with everything a beginner needs to start down the path of wellness.  Your personal training sessions allow your personal trainer to get to know what your physical and mental fitness needs are; whether you’re recovering from an injury, suffering from back pain, want to improve mobility and flexibility, or simply want to build muscle, our dedication to your goals — and our understanding of how to achieve them — is unparalleled.  Personal Training Sessions may have 1 or 2 clients slots, but you can check the personal training schedule.

Make A Positive Change With Sand And Steel’s Personal Trainers

Consider what you want to change or improve on your body: do you want to learn yoga to build strength and tone muscle, or are you more interested in learning powerlifting? Maybe your needs are more goal-oriented — you want to be able to touch your toes, or perform your first pull-up. When you team up with your very own personal trainer, you benefit from their vast knowledge and skill; they will be able to tell you exactly what to do in order to meet those goals, and meet them safely, all while supporting you when you feel you can’t continue.

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Kathi Testimonial

Private Personal Training Lessons For All Body Types And Skill Levels

No matter your age, size, or experience with exercise, everybody can benefit from personal training training. Dawn and Paul, the founders of Sand and Steel, have over 10,000 hours of personal training experience; this means that they will be able to help anyone with any fitness need or goal imaginable. From experienced athletes in the prime of their lives to beginners young and old, no one is excluded from achieving increased mobility, strength, and stability.

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Level 1: Functional Strength Training

Our personal training studio provides four main services: personal training on an individual level (these lessons are built around how you move in order to eliminate weaknesses and train more efficiently), private yoga, nutrition, and mobility.  We’ll teach you what to eat to keep your strength up and your fat down, how to perfect your downward dog, and how to finally reach those ever-elusive fitness goals.

Personal Training Programs Built to Your Goals

With our Personal Training, we craft the workouts around your mobility, injuries, strengths, and weaknesses.  When working one-on-one, we optimize the workout to your level of fitness.  We take the time to teach you how to do exercises correctly and safely.  You only get one body, keep it safe, and make it best you can.

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Transformation Series III – Boxed In

At Sand & Steel, our private personal training is customized, safe, and effective.  We build the programming around your body.  We help people stay in shape, improve movement patterns, and exercise safely.  We build you a customized program, and your coach dynamically scales the workout around injuries and limitations.  Whether your goal is to lose 30 pounds, finally touch your toes, or get your first pull-up, we will handcraft a workout program to help you.  For more advanced clients, we can teach you handstand progressions, Olympic lifting, and Kettlebell exercises. We also build out custom programs to pass Police and Armed Forces fitness tests.

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Paul on Personal Training

Sand & Steel has trained over 5000 clients across a wide variety of fitness levels, goals, and injuries. We have a whole senior fitness program that focuses on balance and strength. We have 5 different powerlifting programs. We have personal training programs for weight loss, transformation, and functional strength. We build, customize, and test workout personal training programs so that they are the best they can be for you.

What you can do on your own in 12 hours, we can do for you in 3 hours.  When you work with us, you have the advantage of the 20,000 hours of personal training experience that Dawn and I share.  As a team, we have trained more than 5,000 clients and certified over 120 coaches.  We have trained many clients who move just like you.  We have worked with people with your injuries and your goals.  We know what works, what’s safe, and what will get you results.   At Sand and Steel, we handle the planning, the programming, the accessory work, mobility training, etc.   We do it all.  You just have to show up and give us 100%.

Paul Roberts on Private Personal Training
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Dawn Proud to Be Strong

What really sets us apart from our commitment to continued education. Paul is a biomedical engineer from Johns Hopkins University and a J.D from Rutgers. He has over 20 personal training certifications, most of our competitors have 1 or 2. Paul has read over 200 books on fitness, yoga, and mobility. This allows us to know exactly what kind of training is going to work better for you. In terms of types of training, we really do it all.

Personal Training Programs:

  • Functional Strength Training
  • Corrective Exercise & Mobility (Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists and Hands, T-Spine, Lumbar Spine (lower back), Hips, Knees, Ankles, and Feet
  • Bodybuilding and Hypertrophy
  • Conditioning and General Physical Preparedness
  • Weight loss for people (even if you have to lose 100+ pounds)
  • Seniors and Older Adults
  • Powerlifting (Starting Strength, Westside, CrossFit Powerlifting, etc.)
  • Olympic Lifting (Catalyst Programming, Escalade, etc.)
  • Combo Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting Programs
  • Custom Yoga Flows and Sequences (Astanga, Rocket, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, Inversions, and Yin)
  • CrossFit Style (We are Level 2 CrossFit Coaches)
  • Kettlebell Sport and RKC
  • TRX Suspension Training, RipTraining, and CoreFit
  • 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, and Full Marathon Training Programs
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Additional Information

# of Sessions

Singles, 5 Pack, 10 Pack, 25 Pack

All sessions have an expiration date:

  • Starter Pack: 1 month from date of purchase
  • Personal Training / Yoga Singles and 5 Pack: 2 months
  • Personal Training / Yoga 12 Pack: 4 months
  • Personal Training / Yoga 25 Pack: 6 months
  • Get Steel Strong Sessions: 6 months
  • Nutrition and Mobility: 2 months.
  • Military Pack: 3 Months from Date of Purchase

Lapsed Sessions do to nonuse:

Should you allow your sessions to lapse because you didn’t come to the gym as frequently as you planned, the following provisions apply:

  1. If your sessions are more than two months expired, they are permanently expired.
  2. If they are less than two months expired, you can get them credited to your account if you buy at least that many sessions on your next pack. Example: if you buy 10 sessions and you let 4 expire by accident. Since it’s a small pack, your sessions would expire 60 days from date of purchase. You realize that you can’t book your session on day 80 and you email us. You’ll need to buy at least 4 more sessions to get the 4 back. So let’s say you buy another 10 sessions, you will get a total of 14 sessions added to your account (10 + 4.)
  3. Section 2 does not apply to Get Steel Strong. There are no extensions to Get Steel Strong for lapsed sessions.

Personal Training sessions may be used to book personal training, boxing, yoga, nutrition, mobility, etc. It’s one session to rule them all 🙂

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We care about your experience.  If your session is great, we want to know why you liked it.
Of course, should any session fail to meet your expectations, please fillout the following form to request a full or partial credit.

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Personal Training Sessions
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