Fit Aid Review

Fit Aid Review.  Considering buying Fit Aid Retail or Maybe for your CrossFit Box?  Here’s our review of both the product and the company behind it.

Fit Aid Review Aggregate Rating 7.3/10

Customer Service: 100%
Whole Sale Margins: 100%
Delivery Speed: 100%
Fit Aid Effectiveness: 30%
Fit Aid Taste: 80%

What we Like About Fit Aid

Pro about our Fit Aid Review

  • Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • Green Tea
  • Tumeric
  • Clinically effective amount of electrolytes

It tastes great, and there are lots of different unique tasting flavors.  Life-aid, Fit-aid, RX Aid are my personal favorites.  Life-aid/fit-aid has some of the best customer service in the industry.  Speed, interaction, etc.  It’s clear this company knows customer service well.  Margins are very nice.  Life-aid is also wise enough not to under cut it’s own customers by selling cheaper on Amazon.  Thanks Life-Aid.

Cons about our Fit Aid Review

It has 9 grams of sugar, and I’m not convinced that their “Proprietary blend” of green tea, tumeric, bcaas is sufficient to have any benefit.  I think it’s better than Gatorade, but I don’t think there is any real fitness benefit to using this stuff.  Where as supplements like BCAAs and Protein Powder have ample university research to back their claims, I’d like to see some research behind their claims (to be fair, I haven’t seen any marketing actually trying to establish that Fit-Aid improves workouts, recovery, etc. by any specific amount.)

It is a good tasting drink, but at $3 bucks a small can it’s pricey.  If the price doesn’t bother you, and you do super tough workouts, Fit Aid is a nice reward after such workouts.

Summary: A good product if you are naturally thin and experience muscle cramping as the electrolytes can provide relief.  In general, avoiding sugar in beverages is a good idea and 9 grams isn’t insignificant.  I personally keep my sugar under 35 grams per day (World Health Organization standards.)  BCAAs, green tea, and turmeric are great ingredients, but without knowing how much of them is in the can, I still need to supplement.  Best of use of the product is probably for protracted bouts of cardio (e.g. marathons) to maintain blood sugar, minimize inflammation, and maintain electrolyte balance.  Also useful for really tough metabolic conditioning workouts.  It’s not a weight loss product.

Paul Roberts

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  1. I enjoy the Fit Aids for post workout recovery. It helps to return energy that you lose during a workout, and aids in muscle recovery. The high sugar content directly after a hard metcon or heavy lifting workout is easily transitioned to energy to help with the post workout doldrums, especially until you get your protein or meal. I find the Fit Aid is also good if you are feeling tired in the middle of the day and lacks the caffeine boost that will keep you awake late into the night. Instead you get energy to complete a workout when you are otherwise feeling tired.

    I enjoy the taste and would drink them all day, if I could.

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