8 Late Night Snack Options

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Recipes for Late Night Snacks

So you’ve been reading the Origin Nutrition blog and you know that it’s OK to eat at night?  But what are you going to make?

There are a lot choices, and which one is best for you depends on medications, diet restrictions, fitness goals, etc.  But in general here are some of our most recommended options:

  1. Beef jerky and apple slices,
  2. A mixture of metrx peanut butter powder, greek yogurt, and vanilla protein powder,
  3. Veggies with a dips like guacomole, tabouli, yogurt based ranch, hummus,
  4. Tuna melt using goat’s cheese and high fiber pita
  5. Healthy canned soup (with extra protein like chicken
  6. Shrimp or chicken salad on kale and frise,
  7. Low sugar oatmeal cookies,
  8. Oatmeal and dark chocolate morsalles

Need some more Reddit has a current thread on this topic.

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8 Late Night Snack Options

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