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Donations & Prepayments

Sand & Steel is a small business owned by two people.  We support six coaches.  The coronavirus has decimated our financial stability.  So if you have the financial means to donate to help us keep our doors open, please do.

Personal Trainer Certifications and Books

Personal Trainer Certifications and Books

Want to know what the best books on fitness and nutrition are? Here are 25 of Paul’s favorite books plus another 25 on his “to read” list.
Strength Training, Olympic Lifting, Yoga, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Gymnastics, Mobility, Programming, Scaling and cueing, Anatomy

Exercise Library and Database

Exercise Library

Get Complimentary Access to our entire library for use any of Workout Plans and Programs.  Over 900 exercise videos professionally demonstrated by Sand and Steel coaches.  If you like this resource, please consider donating.  It’s your donations that have made this exercise library possible.

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