Advanced Parallette Movements Part for Core and Shoulder Strength

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The Parallete

The parallette: a small, simple looking training tool that can deliver massive results in the areas of core strength and mobility. You won’t find parallettes in many gyms (other than Sand&Steel and some Crossfit boxes), so for the majority of you reading this post, I’m guessing you’re considering buying a pair.

Anytime, we purchase new equipment, we ask a few basic questions:

  • Does is it have versatility to create a large exercise movement library: Yes.
  • Can another piece of equipment duplicate what it offers? No.
  • Is it the best piece of equipment for certain movements? Yes
  • Will it break under heavy usage? No (at least not the ones we picked up from Rogue Fitness).
  • Can it be scaled in complexity and difficulty? Yes
  • Can it get you Sand&Steel Strong? Definitely.

So why the Parallette?



As explained in the video, the parallette provides pectoral stimulation and growth that few other pieces of equipment can match. Bench press is great, but that requires a full bench and bar ($$$), plus bench press doesn’t have near the shoulder stability and mobility stimulation that parallettes offer. In the following three videos, I demonstrate the L Seat Pull through into a Crane, then an explosive parallette pushup, and finally a wall supported parallette handstand press.  These are fairly advanced moves, so if you are new to parallettes, please drop us a line so we can provide you with some progression to build up to these movements.







We have over 40 Parallette movements and progressions in our fitness library, and if you’d like some assistance in improving with the parallettes or just want some assistance with programming them into your workouts, drop us a line.  We offer parallette training online and in our Old Town Alexandria location.

In the next video series on Parallettes we’ll go over Parallette Side Pull through as well as the Parallette walk overs.

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Advanced Parallette Movements Part for Core and Shoulder Strength

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