Alison Liedkie: Assistant Coach


Personal Training Certifications

  1. Bachelor’s of Professional Studies- Recreation, Adventure Travel and Ecotourism from Paul Smith’s College in NY
  2. CPR, and AED Certified
  3. PSIA Level 1 Alpine Certified Ski Instructor 
CrossFit Community

I have always enjoyed being active whether through organized sports, outdoor recreation or competitions over the years.  A few years ago my friend introduced me to obstacle course racing and I have been hooked ever since.  Sand and Steel has a great group of athletes who are open to trying new things and very supportive of your personal goals

The last few years have taken a toll on us all, mentally and physically and one thing that we try to do at Sand and Steel is to foster a sense of community that makes it fun and easy to come to class and work out because you have a group of people with similar thoughts and motivations.  


My Experience: 
For the past several years I have been training with various coaches at many different types and styles of gyms, including some time training at a Ninja/OCR gym in North Carolina where I have met and worked with professional Ninja and Spartan racers.  I find this varied experience helps me to bring in a different view and exercises when it comes to looking at a CrossFit class.  

Additionally I have been a ski instructor for 6 years at various resorts which provides a good background on providing feedback and corrections for a particular movement pattern.  

Your Certifications

About Me

Which superhero character would you be?

Batman- No more getting stuck in crazy traffic 

What is your favorite Holiday?

Anything with food – I like them all

What song(s) can you listen to on repeat?

All of Andrew McMahon’s bands 

What would be your last meal?

Steak fajitas

What are you unusually good at doing?

Allowing onions and potatoes to sprout but I am not good at actually planting and growing them once they do

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