Concept 2 Rower to Assault Echo Bike Meters and Calories Conversion Infographic

In this guide, you’ll find simple formulas and tables to convert between meters, miles, calories, and time for the Concept-2 Rower and Rogue Echo Bike / Assault Bike.  Enjoy!

Key Conversions to Memorize

10 Calories Rower = 7 Calories Echo Bike
500M Row takes 2 Minutes

1000 Meters Row = 1.3 Miles on Echo Bike
1 Mile Bike Ride takes 3 Minutes

Distance Conversions into Time & Calories: Concept 2 Rower & Rogue Echo Bike

Use this section if you want to Row for X Meters

  • Rowing 100 meters is equivalent to biking .13 miles on the Rogue Echo Bike.
  • It takes an average athlete 24 seconds to row 100M.
  • Rowing 100M burns about 6 calories.
  • Biking .13 miles burns about 4.2 calories.
Run, Row, Bike 1 Mile Conversion

Running, Rowing, Echo Bike 1 Mile Conversion

Here's a handy chart for a 1 mile conversion on runs, Concept 2 rower, and Rogue air bikes.

Calories Conversion into Time and Distance: Concept 2 Rower & Rogue Echo Bike

Use this section if you want to Row for Calories

  • Rowing 10 calories is equivalent to biking 7 calories on the Rogue Echo Bike.
  • It takes an average athlete 36 seconds to row 10 calories.
  • 10 Rowing Calories is equivalent to 166 meters rowed.
  • 7 Calories on the Echo Bike is about .22 miles

Time Conversion into Calories and Distance: Concept 2 Rower & Rogue Echo Bike

Use this section if you want to Row for Time

  • In two minutes many people can row 500 meters.
  • In three minutes many people can bike 1 Mile.

Assumptions for Formulas

Time Assumptions: of course all of the time estimations will depend on how fast your athlete can row or bike.  The key conversion factors are based on the top 25% of athletes at Sand and Steel Fitness.  Assuming your gym’s athletes are similar to ours, the time approximations for programming classes should be fine.  For example, if you program a 2000 meter row, you can roughly estimate that the faster athletes will finish in about 8 minutes.  Slower athletes will finish in about 10 minutes.

Calorie Assumptions: calorie assumptions are harder to measure.  Paul, the author of this article, measured it by tracking his heart rate rowing at a moderate pace on the rower (750m/3 minutes).  Paul then kept his heart rate the same when he biked for 3 minutes.  The measured calories for rowing was 45 calories and biking for 31.5.

Technique matters: Paul has very good technique for rowing, and there is more efficient than new athletes.  Provided you have good technique you should find similar numbers in your athletes.

Assault Bike vs Echo Bike: We have had both bikes at Sand and Steel Fitness.  We find the Echo bike superior in every measurable way.  We therefore conducted all the research on the Rogue Fitness Echo Bike.

Concept-2 Rower PM5 vs Waterrower: All of our tests were performed with well-conditioned Concept-2 Rowers with a PM5 computer.  Waterrower and other brand air rowers will likely have a different amount of measured calories.

Seasoned Bikers or Rowers: Athletes that train one modality over the other frequently (like someone who regularly bikes to work) will likely not parallel these results.  A person that bikes all the time will be more efficient on the Echo Bike than the rower, and vice versa.

Elite Athletes: we have not tested these numbers against elite athletes like Olympians and CrossFit Games athletes.  We welcome your feedback in the comments so that we can supplement this article.

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