CrossFit – What it Means Join a CrossFit Gym

CrossFit in 100 Words

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CrossFit is constantly varied functional movement at high intensity. CrossFit provides training to accomplish any goal. Improve your health and slingshot your performance. Our CrossFit program works for everyone. Beginners and deconditioned athletes will learn the foundations of CrossFit in a safe environment. For our veteran CrossFitters, we ramp up the intensity in our more experienced classes. CrossFit is for everyone!

A Look Inside

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No gimmicks — just effective fitness, knowledgeable coaches, and a community that cares.

Are You Intimidated to Join?

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CrossFit Members Talk About Being Intimated to Start CrossFit

Why Do I CrossFit?

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Real Stories from Real People – Why I CrossFit

Why I Coach CrossFit

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Why We Coach CrossFit

My CrossFit Coach

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CrossFit Coaches have a Unique of Inspiring you to reach past your fears.  We experts at modifying workouts so that you can make the best of your fitness experience.

Setting Goals in CrossFit

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You Set the Goal, We Build the Plan, Together We Achieve More.

The Journey From Member to Coach

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More than half of our Coaches started at Sand & Steel as a member.  We pay it forward to teach and inspire others.
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