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Get a $10 Instacart Coupon Code on your first order.  No hidden downloads, opt-ins, or even ads.  Just the Instacart Coupon Code and the instructions.

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Coupon Code: P8074E91C5

That’s it — use the Instacart Coupon code to shop online.  But perhaps you’d like to know why you should shop on Instacart or how my experience with Instacart has been?  Read on…

Getting Food when you Have to Quarantine

Before I had COVID-19, I had never ordered groceries online before.  I tried ordering a few times from companies like Peabody and Amazon, but I found the whole experience slow and unwieldy.  A friend of mine recommended trying Instacart, so I set up an account.  I’m glad I did.

I used Instacart to shop online from Costco.  To my surprise, Costco had its entire store online.  Costs for using Instacart vary because there is a service fee, delivery fee, and a tip.  If you are a new member like me, they waive the delivery fee.  Instacart gave me a coupon code to share with everyone.

Coupon Code Link | Code: P8074E91C5

I appreciated not having to stress about “starving” while dealing with COVID-19.  Yes I order some less-than-healthy foods from Costco.  But whatever :-).  You want fruits and veggies, they got them too.

How Does Instacart Work?

Basically, a real person shops in the store and buys everything on your list.  Instacart works with a good number of grocery stores in the Alexandria, VA (Harris Teeter, Giant, Safeway, Wegmans, Target, and Aldi).  So if you know what you to order, it’s very easy.  The search works very well.  The best reason to use Instacart is that it’s a real big-time save.  Instacart saves your last order.  I reordered from Costco last week in about 10 minutes (and yes I ordered fewer snacks and more veggies :-).

Normally, it takes me about 4 hours to drive, shop, pay, pack my car, and drive back from Costco.  I’d rather pay the $40 bucks than do all the work.  So for me, Instacart is a win.

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