Kyle Stefanye – Signature Coach

Signature Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Certifications

  1. NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  2. Certified CPR/AED (American Red Cross)

About Me: I started my fitness path a couple of years ago after getting out of a dwindling relationship. My first job at a gym came about three years ago and I liked it so much that I quit my other job and started training full time.My experience in the gym started in high school when my wrestling coach would smoke us every morning before school, and then again when classes ended for the day. This peaked my interest in weight lifting and I continued to try to learn on my own after leaving school. Things really picked up for me when I started working at a gym and I started learning about biomechanics and physiology which I thought was extremely interesting. I also really enjoy helping people restore their range of motion, hit a PR goals, get through injuries, and overall investing in their own health to better their own lives. I have worked with a variety of clients from twelve years old to seventy years old. I have also worked with a number of injuries as well as clients returning to the gym from medical procedures. My goal is to come up with the best fitness plan for you and to coach you into performing the movements perfectly. If you are a newer client, we will start where we need to at the beginning with some functional training. And if you are an athlete or active individual, I will scale your workouts to be a little bit more challenging. As far as experience goes, I have over 500 hours of one on one training time and have worked with around 40 clients. I have trained to compete in a men’s bodybuilding show (which never happened due to COVID) but I still learned how to train, eat correctly, and how to stay disciplined on the road to the competition. I can help you integrate the movements, the nutrition and the motivation into your workouts to help us achieve your goal of becoming the best possible version of yourself. 

I would be Iron Man. He is super smart and super innovative. I’d say he is also one of the strongest Avengers making him a really powerful weapon “literally” all around.
My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. Every year my friends and I get together at Lake Anna for a weekend of festivities. We know a couple people who live along the lake so it’s fun to swing by and see how everybody is doing.
Sunflower- Post Malone Right to it- Louis the Child Learning to Fly- Tom Petty Only Yesterday- Pretty Lights
Please find me the biggest filet mignon on the planet, char it, cook it medium rare and maybe throw in an unlimited seafood buffet too. The sides would be unlimited corn and crab chowder, mashed potatoes, and toasted brussels sprouts. If I am still hungry I would love a piece of German chocolate cake with ganache in between the layers.
Listening! I am usually a quiet person but I love to hear about things going on in people’s lives. That’s part of what makes this coaching job so fun for me.
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