Lisa F. Body Transformation

21% overall benchmark improvement in 1 month!  4.3% composition improvement.

That didn’t slow down Lisa though. Lisa battled through the gauntlet of fitness exercises, and beat everyone of her previous scores. Lisa has been training at Sand & Steel for ten months, so she is hardly a new client.  However, this month, Lisa dialed it in like we’ve never seen before.  Smoked it on her nutrition, hit her best score on the benchmark, and had stellar marks on fat loss and muscle gain.

On the Benchmark she eclipsed every previous score she had, set the record at Sand & Steel for Sandbell Situps in 2 minutes and the low Sled Tow.  And oh yeah, she lost 3 pounds of fat and packed on 1.3 pounds of muscle.  And she did it in One Month!

Lisa’s Before Pictures

Lisa’s After Pictures


Client of the Month

We are proud to award Lisa the Title of Client of the Month.  She’ll be getting a pound of handmade Beef Jerky from Paul, plus $20 off her next purchase of protein or BCAAs.

Lisa FJacob’s LadderSbell SitupMax Dumbell BenchThrusterSled TowLow Sled PushOverhead Squat & Pushup Combo


Body Transformation February 12, 2015- March 16, 2015 measured on InBody 570
Weight Loss2.5 pounds
Muscle Increase1.3 Pounds
Body Fat Loss3 pounds
Transformation Improvement4.7% !!

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